Vocab Videos Educator Success Stories

What educators are saying about Vocab Videos:

"My students and I LOVE your videos. They make learning all those SAT/ACT words bearable."

--Sharon W. (teacher, AL)

"My high school students find that the Vocab Videos provide humor within a somewhat humdrum, typical day at school. They enjoy laughing at the characters, and each video provides context so they are able to retain the meaning of each word. These videos are great! I find that my students use these words in their writing and incorporate them into their daily conversations. This is authentic learning!"

--Rachel P. (teacher, OH)

"I absolutely love this website; it has been so helpful and my students love it.  My kids are all 10th and 11th graders, and they really relate to your videos! They wear headphones in our computer lab while watching them, and it's hysterical to be in a totally silent room and listen to them randomly burst into laughter (usually at Dudley)! They don't realize how loud they are! They actually look forward to it and beg to go to Vocab Videos every day! Thanks for making it entertaining and educational."

--Beth R. (librarian, SC)

"I really love all the resources you provide for the SAT vocabulary word lists. My juniors are crazy about the videos. Their quiz scores have risen dramatically since I have been utlizing your site. I love this program and so do my students. I don't know what I would do without Vocab Videos!"

--Judi R. (teacher, IN)

"Thank you so much for your help! My students have so enjoyed the videos and I have been quite happy to see them USING their vocabulary words lately. The word list has proven to be reliable, and I will keep telling other teachers about my success!"

--Rebecca W. (teacher, TX)

"I use Vocab Videos with my Gifted and Talented Program grades 3-4.  I wanted something above and beyond what they are doing in the classroom. The videos take difficult words and put them in perspective so that students can not only understand, but hopefully relate or make a connection to the word that they will remember.  We write the words in our binder and then have a dictionary race and compare the video definition with the dictionary definition and then put it in our own words. I think the program is a great idea, giving students a visual to help remember the word meaning. I would definitely recommend this program to Intermediate and High School students."

--Jennifer D. (teacher, AR)

"The kids love the videos! I had them make their own videos using flip cameras last year, which the kids liked and I plan to do the same this year; they wrote their own scripts and taped, then we presented all tapes to the class. It also pleases me that they use the words in their poetry and writing..."

--Pat K. (teacher, IN)


"I have already made several presentations and the result was fantastic: I introduced 20 words without any repetitions, not allowing my students to take any notes and they managed to demonstrate 90% retention. Everyone was very impressed!"

--Konstantin K. (teacher, Ukraine)

Watch the news segment below on News 12 NJ to see Vocab Videos in action at Paramus High School:

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