SAT & High School Vocabulary Learning System for Educators


Vocab Videos was developed by experienced educators frustrated by the lack of quality vocabulary learning materials. Our highly effective vocabulary teaching system is suitable for the SAT/ACT and high school English vocabulary and is the perfect addition to your classroom! Memorable videos and extensive study materials come together to form a vocabulary platform both you and your students will love.   

  • Features 500 high value SAT/high school words

  • Learning tools encourage students to use words

  • Teacher tracking tools to monitor class progress



Who's Using Vocab Videos?

Below are just some of the schools and organizations using Vocab Videos:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, MA
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark, NJ
  • California Area High School - PA
  • Harlem Children’s Zone - NY
  • Menlo School - CA
  • M.O.V.E. (Motivation Opportunity Viability Enterprise) at MLK High School - NY
  • Paramus High School - NJ
  • Parsons Pre-College Scholars Program - NY
  • Pines Middle School - FL
  • Pioneer Middle School - FL
  • Robert F. Munroe Day School - FL
  • School of Liberal Studies at Savannah High School - GA
  • Shoals Junior-Senior High School - IN
  • Tilden Preparatory School - CA
  • Uniondale High School - NY
  • West Johnston High School - NC
  • Westside Elementary School - AR

Vocab Videos for Educators

Did you know that about 1/3 of the SAT reading section is made up of questions that are explicitly vocabulary dependent, and that these questions can earn students up to 150 points on the SAT?

The Vocab Videos system offers the perfect way to incorporate vocabulary into your curriculum. Suitable for both SAT and high school vocabulary; it provides an accessible means to work test preparation into your lesson plans. The vocabulary teaching system leverages verbal, auditory, and visual cues in professionally crafted short videos to demonstrate the meanings of 500 high value vocab words frequently tested on standardized exams like the PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, and GRE.

Vocab Videos is a unique in its combination of education and entertainment. The system is the ideal addition to your classroom that can easily be incorporated into your vocabulary curriculum.

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  • Engage students in learning vocabulary
  • Improve SAT scores, build vocabulary, and improve student literacy
  • Includes extensive student study tools and practice materials
  • Special educator features
  • Created by education experts

As educators, you're undoubtedly aware of the significance of vocabulary beyond standardized test preparation. When it comes to reading comprehension and overall literacy, vocabulary is key. Words are the very ingredients of language. Understanding the meaning of words will make students better readers, writers, and interpreters of information. Indeed, often the only thing that makes a question hard for students is its vocabulary. Compare the two questions below:

Dave was in a ------- mood; he was smiling and cheerful all day long.
(A) happy
(B) angry
(C) sad
(D) smart
(E) cold

Dave was in a ------- mood; he was smiling and cheerful all day long.
(A) sanguine
(B) bilious
(C) disconsolate
(D) perspicacious
(E) boreal


I'm interested. What's next?

  • Want to give Vocab Videos a try? Register for our free educator trial so you have the opportunity to explore the system and all of its features!
  • Contact [email protected] with questions about our vocabulary system or how to get started using Vocab Videos in your classroom.