SAT Vocabulary System: Educator Features & Tools


Vocab Videos  provides students with a fun way to learn SAT and high school vocabulary, and educators with an effective and easy-to-implement vocabulary teaching system. The online platform is the perfect addition to your vocabulary curriculum!

All Vocab Videos teacher accounts include:    

  • Comprehensive teacher dashboard

  • Downloadable study materials

  • Tracking tools for viewing student quiz scores and completed worksheets



Who's Using Vocab Videos?

Below are just some of the schools and organizations using Vocab Videos:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, MA
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark, NJ
  • California Area High School - PA
  • Harlem Children’s Zone - NY
  • Menlo School - CA
  • M.O.V.E. (Motivation Opportunity Viability Enterprise) at MLK High School - NY
  • Paramus High School - NJ
  • Parsons Pre-College Scholars Program - NY
  • Pines Middle School - FL
  • Pioneer Middle School - FL
  • Robert F. Munroe Day School - FL
  • School of Liberal Studies at Savannah High School - GA
  • Shoals Junior-Senior High School - IN
  • Tilden Preparatory School - CA
  • Uniondale High School - NY
  • West Johnston High School - NC
  • Westside Elementary School - AR

Vocab Videos Educator Features

Vocab Videos can easily be incorporated into the classroom as a relevant add-on to your English classes and as a means of bringing test preparation to your students. Our unique educator features provide you with tools to monitor your class's progress right from your personal Vocab Videos educator account, and to view just how much your students' vocabulary is improving as a result of our system.

Now, students and teachers can even upload their own vocab videos and photos! You can also link to videos and photos from around the web. Find the perfect YouTube video to illustrate the meaning of a vocabulary word? Link to it on your account! Teachers can share the videos and photos uploaded to their account with students registered in their class. Smartphones now make it easy for students to instantly snap a photo or record a video. Organize a fun class project and get students more involved in the learning process by having them create their own vocab video and photo projects. Our new uploading functionality opens up a whole new realm of engaging vocabulary assignments!

Vocab Videos educator accounts and institutional packages provide teachers with a number of exclusive features: 

      • Register your students for individual Vocab Videos accounts
      • Monitor class site usage and progress
      • View student quiz results to see what questions were answered incorrectly
      • View students' completed worksheets
      • Download quizzes, worksheets, and review materials to print and distribute to students
      • See specific user or aggregate data, tracking the performance of individual students or your entire class
      • Manage your student accounts and login information
      • Upload photos and videos to share with your students - NEW FEATURE!
      • View your students' shared photos and videos- NEW FEATURE!


    Take a look at the images below to get a better idea of our teacher features:

    Add students, manage your class, and view student results conveniently from  your teacher dashboard:


    Click a student from your class to view specific student data including completed quizzes and quiz scores and completed worksheets:



View your all students' quiz results to see how your class is performing as a whole; failing quiz scores will be highlighted in red.


Add students to your class easily by entering names and email addresses. Then manage your student accounts and reset their passwords as needed.