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Vocab Videos is completely different from any test prep program you've ever seen—YOU'LL ACTUALLY HAVE FUN LEARNING VOCABULARY! Hilarious short online videos illustrate the meanings of the 500 vocab words you need to know for the SAT, ACT, and high school English exams. 

  • Watch vocabulary come to life in entertaining episodes

  • Helpful study tools--digital quizzes, worksheets, crosswords, and a multimedia flashcard maker

  • Study on YOUR time


Student Success Stories

With Vocab Videos, you'll have fun learning essential SAT vocabulary!

Read our student testimonials below to see what users are saying about Vocab Videos:


"I feel that Vocab Videos is a great strategy for students to use to prepare to take the SAT. These videos are a fun and easy way of learning the very important vocabulary on the SAT exam. I always thought that learning vocabulary words for this exam would be very difficult, but thanks to Vocab Videos, it wasn't."

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--Jason B. (student, FL)

"Vocab Videos are a 'quirky' but effective way to learn. They offered a welcome break and laughter in the potentially tedious process of learning vocabulary. Having both auditory and visual cues to learn, understand, and remember words and their definitions is very helpful. The videos supplemented my more traditional way of studying. I enjoyed them and the laughs they brought."

--Emily S. (student, NY)

"Vocab Videos helped me so much. They were so funny that I couldn't forget them!"

--Jake M. (student, NY)

"Just thought I'd write to let you know that Vocab Videos was the best I've tried. It contains everything I need. I was trying to find a good program to help me learn English for ages...glad I heard about you. I am very pleased to recommend this program for all English learners around the world. Keep up the good work!"

--Mohamed E. (student, Egypt)

"I thought Vocab Videos were great and educational. They helped me to retain vocab words that I may not have remembered. For me, visualization is easier than memorization. They have improved my vocabulary tremendously."

--Kevin L. (student, CA)

"Vocab Videos is a great website; the clips it provided made it easier to understand the meanings of words. I would recommend Vocab Videos to anyone who wants an easier way to study vocabulary."

--Matthew L. (student, NY)

"As a foreigner, it is very difficult for me to realize common meaning of infrequent words from a dictionary. These videos help me to understand word usage in the proper context. Additionally, by connecting hard words to a peculiar scenario of videos, memorizing words is so easy and funny."

--Saber A. (student, Iran)

"I just subscribed to this online program recently. I am almost done with the 500 words.I really loved this program as it has helped me a lot in improving my vocabulary to a great extent. Initially, I was intimidated after looking at the SAT English questions, as I was not able to understand certain words which were actually hard to understand. I felt to go back to India, the place from where I came, but after I did some research, I came across this helpful program which certainly raised my hopes dramatically. I have improved my vocabulary after I subscribed to this program...I strongly recommend this program to everybody as I personally feel that these videos have actually helped me to burn these words in my long term memory. Looking forward for more and more words."

--Nipun M. (student, India)