Vocab Videos: SAT Resources from the Experts

Vocab Videos was created by a group of Ivy League graduates and SAT experts. After founding A-List Education, and tutoring thousands of students preparing for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, ISEE and LSAT, our team of educators recognizes the importance of vocabulary for scoring well on these critical exams. Vocab Videos provides a fun and effective means to learn essential vocabulary.

  • Features 500 key SAT vocabulary words

  • Learning tools and study materials

  • Special teacher features


Vocab Videos SAT Resources

university headedVocab Videos was developed by SAT and standardized test prep experts. The words featured in the videos were selected after extensive SAT research and are some of the most frequently-tested vocabulary words found on college entrance exams.

From firsthand experience working with tens of thousands of students, we understand that they can find learning vocabulary an overwhelming and tedious task. To help our students, we came up with the concept of Vocab Videos. Now that our idea has come to life through VocabVideos.com, our team hopes to help all students improve their vocabulary and test scores with our fun, easy-to-use online vocabulary system.

These SAT resources are intended to help students preparing for high-stakes standardized tests and for the educators hoping to help their students get ready for these exams.