SAT and ACT Teacher Training & Content Licensing Services


Vocab Videos was created by a group of Ivy League graduates and SAT and ACT experts. After founding A-List Education, and tutoring thousands of students preparing for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, ISEE and LSAT, our team knows what it takes to succeed on high-stakes standardized tests. A-List offers a range of SAT professional development services:

  • SAT & ACT Professional Development 

  • SAT & ACT Materials Content Licensing 

  • SAT & ACT Course Support and Test Grading Services


SAT and ACT Professional Development & Materials

Vocab Videos is brought you by New York-based educational services provider, A-List Education. In addition to developing innovative learning platforms like Vocab Videos, A-List offers an array of services from standardized test preparation and college admissions consulting to professional development and building customized educational programs for nonprofit organizations.

A-List is happy to help SAT/ACT test preparation is commonly something that is separate from a student's academic life within the classroom. Whether students receive private tutoring, take a weekend course, or use a study guide, SAT and ACT prep is typically done outside of school walls. 

A-List's SAT/ACT professional development programs and materials enable teachers, schools, and educational nonprofits to run their own in-house SAT/ACT preparation programs using A-List's proven techniques and strategies. Below please find more information about A-List's SAT/ACT professional development services

Why an SAT/ACT Course?

  • Improve student test scores
    The average national score improvement from PSAT to SAT is 55 points. In 2010, students who completed an A-List SAT program had an average total score improvement of 168 points.
  • Cost-effective test prep solution with significant long-term savings
    An A-List SAT/ACT course provides schools and educational organizations with a cost-effective test prep solution that not only benefits students, but saves money in the long run.  
  • Aligns with Common Core (CC) Standards
    The SAT and ACT accomplish many of the goals of the Standards; they are designed to identify whether students are ready for college by testing them on the skills and knowledge they will need when they get there. The College Board and ACT, Inc., have published studies demonstrating how the skills they test on college entrance exams align with the skills of the Standards. Bringing test prep and CC curriculum together will ultimately enhance student outcomes. 
  • Students earn scholarship $$$
    Reaching certain score thresholds not only results in admission to superior institutions, but can also help students qualify for scholarships, grants, and other sources of financial aid. 
  • Students avoid remedial classes
    Achieving benchmark SAT/ACT scores allows students enrolling in community college and/or state schools to avoid remedial classes. 
  • For more information on A-List's SAT/ACT professional development services or to get started, contact A-List Education directly at 646-216-9187 or email [email protected]