The Vocab Videos Story

Vocab Videos was developed by education experts interested in creating a revolutionary vocabulary system for students and educators. The system brings together memorable videos--featuring 500 key SAT vocabulary words--and cutting edge learning tools, from digital quizzes to a multimedia flashcard maker, to create an engaging and fun vocabulary learning solution.  

  • Watch vocabulary in action

  • Test and use your vocab with our learning tools

  • Special teacher features


The Vocab Videos Story

Vocab Videos is brought to you by A-List Education, a leading educational services company based in New York City. We have worked with thousands of students of all ages from the U.S. and abroad. Our services include test preparation for the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT and LSAT, tutoring for academic subjects, admissions counseling, teacher professional development and content licensing services, and creating customized educational programs for institutions and educational nonprofit organizations.

After working with tens of thousands of students from a wide range of backgrounds and academic levels, our team of educators and standardized test experts came to realize the importance of vocabulary for scoring well on high-stakes exams.

We also understand that students can find learning vocabulary to be an overwhelming and tedious task. To try to help our students, we came up with the concept of Vocab Videos. Now that our idea has come to life through, our team hopes to help all students improve their vocabulary, test scores and overall literacy with our fun, easy-to-use online vocabulary system.

Vocab Videos is now being used by students and educators across the country, engaging learners studying vocabulary and providing teachers with an accessible and effective means of incorporating vocabulary and test preparation into the classroom.

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