Vocab Videos SAT Videos: Meet the Cast!

Vocab Videos uses hilarious short videos to illustrate the meanings of 500 essential vocabulary words. The platform is a highly effective system for learning words that appear on tests like the ISEE, SAT, ACT, GRE & TOEFL. Each video includes an illustration of the meaning of a word in a context you can relate to and understand. Vocab Videos will expand your vocabulary—and you'll have fun along the way!

  • Watch words in action

  • Outrageously hilarious characters

  • Gripping, original stories


Meet the Cast

Our video library features hilarious short videos illustrating the meanings of 500 frequently-tested SAT and ACT vocabulary words making learning this crucial vocabulary enjoyable.

A key ingredient of what makes Vocab Videos so engaging and fun for students is the cast of hilarious characters featured in our episodes. Consistently finding themselves in outrageous situations, the Vocab Videos cast will have you laughing out loud. 


Dudley: One of the lovable stars of the "Two's Company" series, Dudley is constantly picked on by his coworker and frenemy, Hank.



Hank: The guy you'll love to hate. He's kind of a jerk, extremely selfish, but nonetheless entertaining. Hank always seems to take out his workplace frustration on poor Dudley In "Two's Company."

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Brett and Katie: Brett and Katie survive a plane crash, and are stuck on a desert island together in the "Stranded!" series. Will they be able to survive...each other?



Johnny Hightower: The Jack Bauer of Vocab Videos, Special Agent Johnny Hightower is always narrowly escaping danger.



Max Wind: International speedwalking legend, Max Wind, must battle his demons and come out of retirement for one last race against menacing world champion, Natalio Belastracci.



Study Partner: Everyone's terrified of him, but he just wants to study vocabulary! Welcome to the world of "The Study Partner."



Henry Meyerson: Henry Meyerson teams up with his new ally, Crabby Cakes, as they try to rescue Natalie from the clutches of the evil King Alefashedes in the tales of "Imaginary Larry."





Pamela and Kristin: The mean girls of the "Rumor Chick" series. Pamela and Kristin are jealous of Laura's new study partner and will stop at nothing to steal him away.





Miss Linda and her dance class: Hoping to spice up his life, Dudley of "Two's Company" enrolls in dance class where he meets his beautiful instructor, Miss Linda and a gregarious fellow dancer, Gary. In the "Shall We Dance?" series, the class prepare for a big performance.