Cutting Edge Vocabulary Learning Tools

Vocab Videos combines memorable vocabulary videos with cutting edge learning tools to create a fun and effective learning solution. Our extensive suite of digital review and practice material is a vital part of the Vocab Videos study program. Includes:

  • SAT vocabulary quizzes

  • Vocabulary worksheets

  • Multimedia flashcard maker

  • Special educator features


Vocab Videos Learning Tools

The Vocab Videos team knows that watching a video once isn’t enough for you to remember the meaning of a word forever, so our extensive practice material is a crucial part of the Vocab Videos study program. Our materials are primarily digital, although we do have downloadable study content available on educator accounts.

Quizzes, worksheets, and crossword puzzles are readily accessible after viewing an episode, so that students can immediately start using their new vocabulary words. We encourage all students to make use of our awesome digital flashcard maker to create flashcards with their own images and videos for new words they encounter in any academic subject matter or reading material.

Now, students and teachers can upload their own vocab videos and photos! You can also link to videos and photos from around the web. Find the perfect YouTube video to illustrate the meaning of a vocabulary word? Link to it on your account, so you always remember the definition! Teachers can upload and share their vocab videos and photos with the students registered in their class. Smartphones now make it easy to instantly snap a photo or record a video. Organize a fun class project and get students more involved in the learning process by having them create their own vocab video and photo projects!

Learn more about our learning tools below:

  • Photo/Video Uploading: Create your own vocab videos and photos! - NEW FEATURE!

Vocab Videos also includes a number of special educator features that allow teachers to use Vocab Videos with their classes and monitor student progress.