How Our Video Vocabulary System Works

Vocab Videos combines memorable videos that students love and an extensive suite of digital study resources that reinforce vocabulary knowledge. The result is an engaging and highly effective interactive vocabulary system that enables students to:

  • EXPERIENCE vocabulary

  • LEARN vocabulary

  • MASTER vocabulary

Specially designed features allow educators to monitor student progress and ensure their class is maximizing their Vocab Videos experience. 


Memorable Videos

Our video library allows users to EXPERIENCE vocabulary. Vocab Videos show students what the words mean, instead of just telling them.

  • Hilarious, professionally produced short videos illustrate the meanings of 500 essential SAT and high school level vocabulary words
  • Videos open with a textual and auditory presentation of the word with definition and end with correct usage of word in the context of the scene
  • ŸOutrageous plotlines and entertaining characters engage students and (dare we say) make learning fun!

  • Parodies of popular TV shows like Lost, The Office, 24, and Gossip Girl connect students to the material, presenting vocabulary to them in a context they can relate to and enjoy

Cutting Edge Learning Tools

Our extensive suite of digital study tools and materials reinforce what students have seen in the videos and allow users to test their vocabulary knowledge.

  • Digital quizzes are modeled on SAT style questions; quiz results show students how they performed and score reports are available for printing
  • ŸFlashcard maker allows users to create multimedia flashcards for ANY subject
  • Digital worksheets allow students to write and store sentences, synonyms and mnemonic devices
  • Searchable, alphabetized glossary including links to each video allows students to review individual words
  • Downloadable crossword puzzles by episode
  • Photo and video uploading allows users to create their very own vocab photos and video projects
  • Teacher tracking tools allow educators to monitor individual student and class progress

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Superior Vocabulary

Vocab Videos provides a FUN and EFFECTIVE vocabulary learning solution! 

  • Leverages verbal, auditory, and visual cues to teach essential vocabulary
  • Words were selected based on extensive SAT research, and learning them can improve student scores up to 150 points
  • Understanding word meanings is an essential part of all reading comprehension; a good vocabulary will improve student performance on standardized tests like the ISEE, SAT, ACT and GRE and in high school English classrooms
  • Words are the very ingredients of our language; an increased vocabulary improves overall literacy—making students better readers, writers, speakers, and interpreters of information