Digital Vocabulary Flashcard Maker

The digital flashcard maker allows you to create flashcards for additional vocabulary words or for ANY academic subject – flashcards will be saved and stored to your personal Vocab Videos account.

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Flashcard maker features include:

  • Add an image or video file - link to something on the web or upload straight from your computer
  • Study in quiz mode—"flipping" cards to review
  • View cards in table mode (option to hide the question or answer column)
  • Download and print flashcard sets to review on-the-go
  • Mobile-friendly quiz mode - review flashcard sets on-the-go from mobile devices and tablets


We would encourage all learners to make use of our digital flashcard maker to create flashcards for words they don't know that they come across in any academic subject matter or reading material. Our flashcard maker offers an invaluable tool for studying effectively; use it before any test to make flashcard sets for key vocabulary.

Sample flashcard:flashcard

Flashcard tools:flashcard-tools