Learn English Vocabulary with Vocab Videos!

The Vocab Videos online SAT and high school vocabulary system has proven an effective English vocabulary learning program for many English language learners (ELLs) and English as a second language students (ESL). English language learners and ESL students often struggle with reading comprehension simply because they do not understand the meanings of difficult words. Vocab Videos offers a solution by bringing vocabulary to life. 

  • Hilarious videos illustrate the meanings of 500 difficult vocabulary words

  • Words come to life in real-life scenarios, so learners see what words mean

  • Learning tools allow users to test their knowledge + practice using words


English as a Second Language (ESL) /

English Language Learner (ELL) Vocabulary 

Students for whom English is not a first language make up an increasing proportion of our school-age population. Learning English vocabulary is a tedious task for most students, but it presents a special challenge for these English language learners. The issue makes itself known in the classroom as vocabulary and reading comprehension are so closely intertwined. Many English as a second language (ESL) students struggle to comprehend what they read simply because they do not understanding the meanings of difficult words. This can result in ESL students being less able to comprehend text at grade-level than their English-only classmates; as many standardized tests consist largely of reading passages, in which text must be read and analyzed, ESL students are also more at risk for performing poorly on assessments and high-stakes exams. In short, vocabulary development is imperative for English language learner school success.

Because one of the greatest challenges inhibiting English language learners to read at the appropriate grade level is lack of sufficient vocabulary development, it is essential that vocabulary programs are available to help address ESL students' unique needs. While Vocab Videos was not developed specifically for English language learners, our vocabulary program does provide an effective vocabulary learning solution, as it shows learners what words mean, instead of simply telling them. Our videos put vocabulary in context for students, and humorous plotlines and characters make the videos highly memorable

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  • Hilarious videos illustrate the meanings of 500 difficult, frequently-tested vocabulary words
  • Entertaining content engages students in the learning process
  • Words come to life in real-life scenarios, so learners see what words mean for themselves
  • Learning tools enable learners to test their knowledge + practice using vocabulary words
  • Makes learning vocabulary fun: the more students enjoy the process, the more effort they will put into learning words

"As a foreigner, it is very difficult for me to realize common meaning of infrequent words from a dictionary. These videos help me to understand word usage in the proper context. Additionally, by connecting hard words to a peculiar scenario of videos, memorizing words is so easy and funny."

--Saber A. (student, Iran)

The National Reading Panel has published a great deal of material about the role of vocabulary in reading instruction, and much of what has been printed about effective vocabulary instruction supports the notion that Vocab Videos is doing a lot right. Below are a few items (among others) conveyed by the Panel (excerpts reprinted from National Reading Panel, 2000, p. 4-4) :

  • There is a need for direct instruction of vocabulary.
  • Repitition and multiple exposure to vocabulary items are important.
  • Learning in rich contexts is valuable for vocabulary learning.
  • Vocabulary learning is effective when it entails active engagement in learning tasks.
  • Computer technology can be used effectively to help teach vocabulary
  • Repetition, richness of context, and motivation may also add to the efficacy of incidental learning of vocabulary.

Read a few more of our English language learners' success stories to see how Vocab Videos can help you!

"I just subscribed to this online program recently. I am almost done with the 500 words.I really loved this program as it has helped me a lot in improving my vocabulary to a great extent. Initially, I was intimated after looking at the SAT English questions, as I was not able to understand certain words which were actually hard to understand. I felt to go back to India, the place from where I came, but after I did some research, I came across this helpful program which certainly raised my hopes dramatically. I have improved my vocabulary after I subscribed to this program...I strongly recommend this program to everybody as I personally feel that these videos have actually helped me to burn these words in my long term memory. Looking forward for more and more words."

--Nipun M. (student, India)


"Just thought I'd write to let you know that Vocab Videos was the best I've tried. It contains everything I need. I was trying to find a good program to help me learn English for ages...glad I heard about you. I am very pleased to recommend this program for all English learners around the world. Keep up the good work!"


--Mohamed E. (student, Egypt)