Engage Your Class with a FUN & EFFECTIVE Vocabulary System


Vocab Videos combines memorable SAT vocabulary videos with cutting edge learning tools to create an enaging and effective vocabulary learning system. With tools for both students and educators, Vocab Videos is the perfect addition to any classroom.    

  • Engage students with memorable videos featuring 500 key SAT vocab words

  • Ensure students retain vocabulary and put their knowledge to practice with study tools and practice materials

  • Monitor class progress and continuously view student improvement with educator tracking tools



Who's Using Vocab Videos?

Below are just some of the schools and organizations using Vocab Videos:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, MA
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark, NJ
  • California Area High School - PA
  • Harlem Children’s Zone - NY
  • Menlo School - CA
  • M.O.V.E. (Motivation Opportunity Viability Enterprise) at MLK High School - NY
  • Paramus High School - NJ
  • Parsons Pre-College Scholars Program - NY
  • Pines Middle School - FL
  • Pioneer Middle School - FL
  • Robert F. Munroe Day School - FL
  • School of Liberal Studies at Savannah High School - GA
  • Shoals Junior-Senior High School - IN
  • Tilden Preparatory School - CA
  • Uniondale High School - NY
  • West Johnston High School - NC
  • Westside Elementary School - AR

Engage Students with Vocab Videos

shall-we-dance-p3Getting students excited about learning vocabulary can be a challenge. Vocab Videos uses hilarious short videos with humorous plot lines and entertaining characters to really engage students in the learning material. Entertaining vocabulary video content and cutting edge learning tools and practice material combine to create a system that allows students to not only enjoy learning, but to effectively master this essential SAT and high school vocabulary.

  • Memorable videos allow students to EXPERIENCE vocabulary, showing them what the words mean, instead of just telling them.
  • Comprehensive digital study tools and review material reinforce what students have seen in the videos, allowing them to use the vocabulary words and test their new knowledge.
  • It's a solution for both students and educators. Students master crucial vocabulary and teachers have an accessible means of incorporating vocabulary prep into the classroom.

How Do I Bring Vocab Videos into My Classroom?

teacher in_front_of_classHow you work Vocab Videos into your classroom will depend on how much time you have during the school day to commit to your vocabulary lesson. Vocab Videos offers teachers flexibility in that it can be used within the classroom, or assignments (watching videos, taking quizzes, creating flashcard sets, completing worksheets etc.) can be given to students to complete outside of school. Here are a few of our suggestions for implementing Vocab Videos into your classroom: