Digital SAT Vocabulary Quizzes

Our digital quizzes follow each Vocab Videos episode offering users a way to review the vocabulary they've learned. SAT-style questions prepare students for what they will encounter on standardized tests.

  • View a detailed overview of your quiz results: see which questions you answered correctly and incorrectly, and what SAT vocabulary words you need to study further
  • Quiz results are stored to your home dashboard, so that you can monitor your progress each time you log in to your Vocab Videos account.
  • Quiz results can be downloaded and printed

Our quizzes are a good indicator of your progress learning the vocabulary. If your quiz score shows that you didn't fully grasp the episode's vocabulary, go back and watch it again, use the digital worksheets, and then re-take the quiz! 

View your most recent quiz activity from the student dashboard each time you login:


Go through each quiz to view the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly: