Your Home for Learning SAT Vocabulary: The New Vocab Videos

WELCOME TO THE NEW AND IMPROVED VOCAB VIDEOS SITE! Please take some time and have a look around to see what Vocab Videos—the fun and engaging way to study vocabulary for the SAT, ACT, GRE, ISEE, or any high school English test—has to offer! Don’t forget to check out our…

  • Sample Videos: Meet some of our hilarious characters and see how Vocab Videos can get you through the test prep process and entertain you!
  • Vocab Videos Licensing for Schools and Non-Profits: We offer special licensing arrangements for schools and non profit organizations and can work with you to incorporate Vocab Videos into your curriculum. Fill out our form to get your students started with engaging SAT prep today!
  • Past Contest Winners: Our last contest got Vocab Videos fans in on the learning process, giving them the opportunity to create a vocabulary video for a SAT word of their choice. The results were remarkable. Check out our winners’ impressive video entries! We’ll keep you posted on the status of the next bigger and better Vocab Videos contest!

Enjoy the site, and have fun getting SAT-ready!

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