Vocab Videos: Links to Student Worksheets on Your Home Dashboard!

Vocab Videos is continuously looking to improve its online platform by adding new features and updating existing ones. Digital worksheets provide space for students to write sentences, synonyms, mnemonic devices and other ways of remembering vocabulary words and their meanings. Now, links to a user’s completed worksheets are available right from their home dashboard making them more accessible to users.


What does it mean for teachers?

Educators using Vocab Videos teacher accounts now have another means of monitoring their students’ progress. In addition to being able to view individual student and class quiz results, teachers can view their students’ worksheets. So if educators give students an assignment to watch a Vocab Videos episode, take a quiz, and write sentences for the featured words, they can easily see that assignments have been completed and review student work right from their teacher accounts. Check out student, Kaitlyn White’s quiz and worksheet data displayed below:


Teachers and students, be sure to register for an account, so you can make use of all Vocab Videos features!




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