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College Admissions: Beware of Senioritis!

Senioritis? SNAP OUT OF IT!

A lot of high school seniors get under the impression that the importance of senior year starts to dwindle upon receiving admission into college. But, seniors, we warn you: avoid coming down with a case of senioritis! Sure, we see how it could happen. You’ve nearly finished the college admissions game and you’re exhausted. You’ve likely been working your tail off throughout your high school career to keep up your GPA and get into the college of your dreams; you’ve spent time preparing for your college entrance exams and taken your SATs and ACTs; you’ve written all your college essays and likely submitted countless applications. Now, you’re ready to cruise through your remaining time in high school, to really enjoy it. We get it.

But, to stop caring about your grades won’t serve to benefit you in any way. When you have more than likely worked hard for good grades throughout high school, why would you start goofing off now? Not only do you risk tarnishing your academic record, you could potentially compromise your college acceptance. Now, we’re not saying a minor dip in your grades will have your college calling to rescind your acceptance, but a significant enough decline in the grades on your final transcript could certainly be a red flag for your future college.

The truth is, colleges do reserve the right to revoke admissions offers to applicants who fail to maintain their academic performance. Sure, it’s not a typical scenario, but you could see how in today’s extremely competitive college admissions landscape a serious case of senioritis could put you at a greater risk of losing your spot. With more students applying to college than ever and record-setting applicant pools, admissions officers may view you as slightly more disposable. After all, most colleges have a long waitlist of well-qualified applicants who would be more than willing to accept the admissions offer someone else has lost.

So, while we’re not trying to scare you, we are telling you a serious case of senioritis is just not worth it! Stay focused throughout your senior year and committed to doing well. And, not to worry–we have a feeling that when you get to college, you’ll realize they’ll be plenty of time for school and fun!