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College Admissions Tips: Should You Know What Your Major Will Be Entering College?

going to major in...

Apart from choosing which college to attend, choosing what field of study to major in could very well be your next biggest decision involving your college education. Some students enter college having clear career ambitions and knowing exactly what it is they want to study. Certain colleges have separate “schools” or programs with a particular academic focus—sometimes even with different admissions standards—that may require that students declare a major as a freshman.  But if you’re neither entering one of these specifically-focused schools nor certain about what you would like to study, and it’s time to accept your choice college’s admissions offer—don’t stress out.   

Many students begin college with little or no idea of what they will ultimately choose as a major, so if you’re checking off the “undecided” box, you’re not alone.  There is no rush for you to jump to a decision about your major as soon as you step foot on campus. Most colleges won’t even require you to declare a major until at some point into your sophomore year, or even at the start of your junior year. Using your time in the college classroom wisely can, without a doubt, help ensure that you go into the right field of study.  After all, part of what is wonderful about college on an academic level,  is that your required core classes will help you to get a feel for what you enjoy learning about; you may even discover a previously unrealized passion for a subject that you didn’t have the opportunity to study in high school.  And hopefully this penchant or passion for a particular academic subject can help you to decide what career path or continued educational trajectory you would like to pursue. Because a college major should be chosen based on your interests and career goals.

So when deciding on a major, here are a few questions to keep in mind:

  • What are my interests (academic and otherwise)?  What about my talents and natural abilities? You’re going to be taking lots of classes in your major, so you’re far better off choosing a program that interests you! If you choose a major you don’t enjoy, it’s going to be a LONG four years!
  • What kind of career am I interested in? If you’re not sure—look into it a bit. Check out your campus career center, they can offer you some guidance when it comes to career planning and then help direct you toward an appropriate major.
  • What kinds of majors are available and are strong programs at your particular college? There are probably majors available at your college that you didn’t know were options or you know very little about. Familiarize yourself with all the possibilities of what you have the opportunity to study!
  • Are there resources available to offer some guidance?  In addition to the career center, take advantage of what’s around you. Talk to professors, academic advisors and other students; consult your school’s course catalog or a college major guide (there’s probably one in the academic advising office)

Put some serious consideration into what you decide to study during what are bound to be the most important years of your education.  Not only will choosing the right major make your academic experience in college worthwhile, it could allow for valuable internship opportunities and ultimately open doors when it comes to your career and your future.