SAT Vocabulay: Bring “Edutainment” to Your Classroom with Vocab Videos!

Entertainment + Education = “Edutainment”

If you’d like a more formal definition, “edutainment” typically seeks to instruct its audience by embedding lessons in some familiar form of entertainment. Combining entertaining video with SAT vocabulary, Vocab Videos wants to bring edutainment to your English classrooms!

Here are a few reasons Edutainment works in the classroom:

  • It’s Innovative: Students are used to learning from textbooks, worksheets, flashcards, and other typical educational materials. Edutainment is something new. Traditional methods like vocabulary flashcards simply give you a definition. And, a stack of 500 flashcards can be overwhelming for students. Vocab Videos uses humorous video to not only to tell you the definitions of 500 SAT vocabulary words, but to illustrate those words’ meanings. 
  • Gets Students Excited about Learning: Students like a change of pace. Ever notice how ecstatic they get to watch a movie for class? It’s because it’s not something they get to do every day. Vocab Videos gets students excited about learning SAT vocabulary! Because the material itself is entertaining, and it’s coming to them in a manner that doesn’t feel like “studying,” it works for students.
  • Gets Results: If students are motivated to learn the material, they’re not going to mind studying it.  Vocab Videos presents vocabulary in a manner that is digestible and entertaining for students, so that they actually enjoy learning it. This makes students and teachers lives easier as students learn crucial SAT vocabulary that will not only boost their SAT scores, but benefit them in their English classes. After all, an improved vocabulary promotes literacy—making students better readers, writers, and interpreters of information.

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Edutainment that can increase your SAT score up to 150 points? Give Vocab Videos a try!


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