SAT Vocabulary: Learn Vocabulary Through Video!

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”—Albert Einstein

The Paul Barnwell Education Week article, “Literacy Accountability in a New-Media Age,” (, calls to question whether educators need to alter their age-old teaching tools and strategies in a “New-Media,” technology-driven world.  Barnwell highlights that students, surrounded by websites, blogs, and social-networking technologies such as, are called to interpret various forms of media these days, not just traditional print media. Academia, he says, is a bit behind – only recognizing literacy in terms of books and whether a student can draw the main idea from a passage. His suggestion is not to get rid of this general understanding of literacy, but to expand on it as it is becoming increasingly important for students in today’s world to be capable of effectively reading and interpreting various forms of media.

And so it would seem that incorporating online video into the learning process is advantageous for students of the “New-Media Age.” Here are a couple reasons to support this belief:

  • We live in a media-saturated world. Students today are surrounded by, become familiar with, and learn to understand their world through symbols, moving images, as well as through printed words.
  • Video is engaging. Video as an academic medium offers verbal, auditory, and visual cues that effectively engage students and holds their attention.
  • Videos are more fun! Students love watching and sharing videos. The phenomenon is proof positive that online video is a communication medium that is here to stay. Using video in the classroom gets students engaged and excited about learning.

Vocab Videos ( not only improves literacy in a real sense by teaching students vocabulary that will help make them better readers, writers, and interpreters of information, but also helps students become familiar with “reading” video and gathering information from different sources of media.  Give Vocab Videos a try!


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