SAT Test Preparation: Knowing Your SAT Vocabulary Words Is Worth 150 Points!


When it comes to vocabulary, the rich get richer.

Knowing your SAT vocabulary words, can help you better prepare for the SAT and increase your SAT score up to 150 points! So, putting in the time to learn the right vocabulary words  is well worth your effort. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting your SAT vocabulary down pat:

  1. Watch Vocab Videos: Sure, you can learn your SAT and ACT vocabulary by using flashcards, but why would you? Watch Vocab Videos. Not only is video a more engaging and entertaining method of studying your SAT vocabulary, it’s also a more effective SAT test prep tool. Research has shown that people remember more effectively when they have visual and auditory cues. Instead of just telling you the definition of a vocabulary word, video allows students to see a vocabulary word’s meaning in action.
  2. Repeat: We know that watching a vocabulary video once isn’t enough to remember a vocabulary word forever, so watch the vocabulary words that you’re having some difficulty with again. When it comes to vocabulary and retaining the meaning of vocabulary words, repetition and reinforcement are essential. Watching vocab videos multiple times, allows your mind to really absorb the visual memories the videos offer.
  3.  Quiz: Test your SAT vocabulary knowledge and take advantage of the Vocab Videos quizzes. Confirm that you’ve successfully learned the SAT vocabulary words that the videos define and illustrate. The quizzes, modeled after SAT style questions, also provide excellent preparation for standardized tests.
  4. Get Involved: Go the extra step to really get involved in the vocabulary learning process. Make sure you know each vocabulary word so well that you would be able to recognize and understand every word in any context, or manner in which the words present themselves. We’d even suggest writing some of your own sentences using the SAT vocabulary to make sure that you truly grasp the words’ meanings.

There’s no reason not to take advantage of this concrete way to increase your SAT and ACT scores. Give Vocab Videos a try!


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