SAT Vocabulary: Engage Your Classroom With Vocab Videos!

Keeping students engaged in the classroom can undoubtedly be a struggle for educators. Incorporating Vocab Videos into English classes is a fun and effective way to change up a monotonous vocabulary lesson, and teach high school students the SAT vocabulary they’ll need to know for their SAT test. Here are a few suggestions for incorporating Vocab Videos into your vocabulary teaching lessons:

  • Word of the Day: Accompany an SAT vocabulary “Word of the Day” definition with a hilariously entertaining video that illustrates the word’s meaning. The videos’ humor will give students something to look forward to each day, and students will be learning an SAT vocabulary word that they’ll need to know for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT. Don’t just watch—get involved! Encourage students to use the vocabulary word when possible throughout the day in their speech, writing, and classroom interaction.
  • Episode per Week: One SAT vocabulary word a day not enough? Or are you working on a tighter schedule in preparation for the SAT or ACT? Get into an entertaining educational routine by watching an episode a week. Watch the video once through, and review individual SAT vocabulary words throughout the week. Teachers also have the option of giving students a quiz at the end of the week to ensure that they’re retaining the material. With each video clip running about 30 seconds, an episode is only about 10 minutes long, so the video time won’t interfere much with your daily teaching routine. But, don’t forget these are a productive 10 minutes! Students are learning SAT vocabulary words that will not only help them on standardized tests, but will help them be become better readers, writers, and English students!
  • Homework Assignment: If watching Vocab Videos in the classroom isn’t an option, assign episodes or a certain number of SAT vocabulary words for a take-home assignment. Each student can login to their individual accounts from a personal computer, and it won’t even feel like homework! Reinforce definitions by using the SAT vocabulary words in class, and quiz students to make sure that they’re learning the definitions. No two students are exactly alike, so viewing Vocab Videos from home in addition to watching them in the classroom could be advantageous. It gives students the opportunity to spend more time reviewing the SAT vocabulary words that they’re struggling with.  
  • USE THE WORDS: No matter which vocabulary study plan you choose, don’t stop at watching the videos. Use these SAT vocabulary words, and really get involved in the vocabulary learning process. Make it a challenge. Encourage students to use the words as often as possible in classroom conversation and writing assignments. Make up a rhyme or story centered around a few of the vocabulary words. Again, the goal is for students to get a real understanding of these SAT vocabulary words’ meanings. If a student truly understands the definition of a vocabulary word, he or she will be able to recognize and understand it even within an unfamiliar context as it might appear on the SAT or ACT test. Furthermore, having a good vocabulary will be useful far beyond SAT test preparation!

Have fun learning vocabulary. Give Vocab Videos a try!


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