SAT Vocabulary Resource: Vocab Videos Has New Digital Worksheets!

Vocab Videos has added digital worksheets to its suite of digital study resources! Now, our vocabulary students can enter up to three sentences and/or mneumonic devices to help them remember their SAT vocabulary words.

Watching the videos alone isn’t the best method for learning and retaining the words—we encourage students to use their new vocabulary, both in the classroom and in conversation. Write your sentences down on your digital worksheet, so they can be stored in your personal study bank. From the “Resources page,” right beside the links to the Vocab Videos quizzes and crosswords, download and print your worksheets as for a form of on-the-go review.   

These worksheets are just one more tool for helping students review and remember their vocabulary words more easily after viewing Vocab Videos. We encourage you to take advantage of them to optimize your vocabulary learning experience and to learn this essential high school vocabulary.