SAT Video Vocabulary Better than Ever: Vocab Videos 2.0

Welcome to Vocab Videos 2.0! We’re pleased to announce that, with our users in mind, we have made some major design and functionality upgrades to Vocab!

Upon logging in to your student or educator account or signing up for a free trial, you’ll be able to see these changes firsthand, but take a sneak peek at some of the updates below:

Video Library:

  • Our new format clearly lists out all Vocab Videos episodes in series order
  • ALL VIDEOS ARE IN HTML5—now play them on mobile devices and tablets!

The new search functionality allows users to search for individual words; so don’t worry if you remember a word you want to review, but forget what episode it’s featured in!

New Video Player:

  • Larger screen + sharper, better quality videos Full screen mode is now available!
  • Conveniently move on to the next episode with the new “Play Next Episode” button
  • Watch episodes straight through or easily move from one word to the next by selecting specific words from our episode playlist
  • Quick links to each episode’s digital quiz and worksheet make it easy to use study tools you’re watching videos


  • Your new home dashboard allows you to easily click through to any Vocab Videos series, and select the episode you want to watch simply by clicking on the screen
  • Quick links to “My Quizzes,” “My Worksheets,” and “My Flashcards” allow you to click through to view past quiz results, completed worksheets, and flashcard sets or to take an episode quiz, complete a worksheet or make a new flashcard set.
  • Your home screen also allows you to browse your recent activity, reviewing past quiz scores or completed worksheets.


  • New teacher dashboard makes it easier to manage your class
  • It’s easier as ever to add students to your class—simply copy and paste your student roster from a word processor
  • View class or individual student quiz or worksheet results
  • Reset student passwords as necessary from the Manage Students page

Vocab Videos Holiday Offer: Learn SAT Vocabulary at a Discount!

Seasons greetings from Vocab Videos! The Vocab Videos team is getting in the holiday spirit by offering everyone  a special gift: 25% OFF ALL STUDENT AND EDUCATOR SUBSCRIPTIONS!

Reading comprehension is absolutely essential to success on standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, ISEE, SSAT, and TOEFL. A thorough understanding of word meanings enables a person to better comprehend a text containing those words. Students with greater word knowledgehave higher comprehension levels, and thus tend to perform significantly better on high-stakes standardized tests.

But remember, a good vocabulary is the gift that keeps on giving, and will help you long after the SAT and ACT.  An increased vocabulary improves overall literacy making you a better reader, writer and interpreter of information.

Vocab Videos provides an accessible vocabulary system for students and educators replete with engaging vocabulary video content and valuable review tools. The combination works to create an effective vocabulary learning solution. We hope that you’ll take advantage of our special holiday offer, and give Vocab Videos a try!

  1. Go to the Get Started page
  2. Select the subscription of your choice
  3. Enter coupon code “HOLIDAY2011” in Step 3 of the Checkout

We wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season and new year!


College Admission Requirements: College Admissions Scattergrams from Cappex

If you’re applying to college or plan to apply to college in the near future, I’m sure you’ve started wondering what it takes to get into your top choice school. Whether you’re applying to South University in Richmond or an Ivy League school, knowing the acceptance rate is important. It can determine the number and type of school to apply to. While the college admissions environment changes from year to year, depending on the scope and aptitude of the applicant pool, past admissions data does help to determine where you stand in terms of your GPA and SAT/ACT scores and gaining admission to a particular university.

To help you establish whether your GPA and standardized test scores are up to par for admission to your dream college, has come up with a cool and useful tool Read more »


Education Matters: In College, Working Hard to Learn High School Material

The New York Times recently published an article highlighting the failings of many New York high schools (and, undoubtedly, many across the country) to adequately prepare students for college courses. Many students find themselves failing the required CUNY placement tests, and thus placing into remedial reading, writing, and mathematics courses. With good reason, students wonder why they are in this position after passing Regents exams and graduating high school with sufficient grades. It doesn’t help but call to question how we define secondary education success. While Mayor Bloomberg has improved the high school graduation rate, up to 61% in June from 46.5% percent in 2005, the rate does become less impressive when looked at next to the percentage of high school graduates that need remediation in these three core subjects when they enter CUNY community colleges: 22.6% in 2010 (2,812 students), up from 15.4% in 2005 (1,085 students). 74% of NYC high school graduates enrolled at CUNY’s six community colleges take remedial courses in at least one academic subject.

But what’s perhaps more troubling is that the problem doesn’t end there. Students who require remediation in all three subjects, likely discouraged,  are at the highest risk of dropping out.  To respond to the large number of students in academic need and to prevent dropouts, CUNY has developed the Start program, an intensive semester focused on remedial  reading, writing and mathematics. The program has proven successful and given students the much-needed help they require. Of the 300 students enrolled thus far, 241 stayed the duration of the semester, and 159 of these students after taking the course, passed all three remediation tests.

CUNY is taking the right steps to help students facing all too common of a problem: not being prepared for college level material. As the Times article points out, it calls to question what Regents exams, which so often drive school curriculum, are actually measuring. Unfortunately, in many cases, it seems the tests do not accurately reflect what students need to know for college success. So how do we better prepare students academically for college? NYC’s chief academic officer, Shael Polakow-Suransky, says the solution isn’t adjusting passing and “college ready” scores, it’s  “to give kids more challenging, rich and authentic work.”

What’s your take?


College Admissions: The Pressures of College Entrance Exams

In an increasingly competitive college admissions environment, college applicants are feeling the pressure. With more students than ever applying to college and competing for a limited number of spots at universities, it’s not surprising that college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT cause a good amount of stress. But it’s important to keep in mind that YOU’RE MORE THAN A TEST SCORE!

While there’s no use denying that SAT and ACT scores are an important piece of your application and student profile–they’re not everything.  Four years of hard work and good grades (hopefully) in high school  are not erased with one standardized test score.

That being said, the SAT and ACT are tests that can be mastered through hard work and time commitment. Read more »


Vocab Videos: Vocab Film Festival Winners!

As you may know, Vocab Videos latest contest, The Vocab Film Festival, has officially come to a close. The Festival was a tremendous success with students, filmmakers, and entire classes submitting their very own vocab videos and photos–we received more than 100 submissions! The Vocab Videos team would like to give a BIG thank you to everyone who got involved, whether it was by making your own entry or voting on your favorite submissions and nonprofits organizations. Our four amazing affiliated nonprofits–Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, Harlem Children’s Zone, Urban Word NYC, and Year Up–earned more than 3,000 votes!

Because we had so many AWESOME submissions, choosing our grand prize winners was an extremely difficult decision, but the votes are in! A panel of judges including members of the Vocab Videos team (who know their vocabulary!) and a special guest judge in the film-making industry helped choose the big winners. Drum roll please…..check out the impressive winning entries Read more »


Vocab Videos: Links to Student Worksheets on Your Home Dashboard!

Vocab Videos is continuously looking to improve its online platform by adding new features and updating existing ones. Digital worksheets provide space for students to write sentences, synonyms, mnemonic devices and other ways of remembering vocabulary words and their meanings. Now, links to a user’s completed worksheets are available right from their home dashboard making them more accessible to users.

Read more »


The Vocab Film Festival: Closed but Not Over…

As of June 1st, the Vocab Film Festival is officially closed. The Festival invited students and filmmakers to create their own vocab videos, and participants proved more than up to the challenge. We received 100+ video and photo entries! A BIG thanks to all who participated either through submitting entries or voting on their favorite videos & photos.

But even though the Festival is no longer accepting submissions or votes, a big portion of the contest has yet to come–the GRAND PRIZE CEREMONY! Student and filmmaker finalists are competing to take home the top prizes; a special judging panel will be deciding on the winning finalist entries (with the exception of the People’s Choice Award, which is based solely on votes), and it will certainly not be an easy decision.
Read more »


LAST Month of the Vocab Film Festival: Fun Learning SAT Vocabulary+ $20,000 in Scholarships & Prizes!

Check out this piece on the Vocab Videos SAT vocabulary contest, The Vocab Film Festival:

The Vocab Film Festival: Finally Students Have Fun Learning SAT Vocabulary—Vocab Videos Contest Offers $20,000+ in Scholarships & Prizes
As featured on:
And more...




The Vocab Film Festival has been running since February, and has received numerous video and photo submissions illustrating the meanings of key SAT vocabulary words. Students, teachers, and filmmakers, alike, have found clever ways to help participants and fans understand the meanings of words. Check out one of our winning student video entries Read more »


Vocab Videos Flashcards on Your Phone: Mobile Flashcards Available through Study Blue!

Vocab Videos has recently partnered with Study Blue to bring Vocab Videos flashcards to your mobile phones! Now, you can study on-the-go with Vocab Videos digital flashcard sets that coincide with each episode!

Click on the links Read more »