College Admissions: College Visits are Crucial!

Be Sure to Make College Visits a Priority!

With Spring Break time here, it’s crucial that you make it a point to visit the colleges you’re considering attending. This is going to be the place you spend the next four years of your life, your home away from home. So it’s important that you love the place, and that you’re comfortable there.

Nothing truly gives you a feel for a college like visiting the campus, so be certain to call up admissions offices to arrange your visit and inquire about campus tours. And be sure to take full advantage of them! Explore the campus and ask your tour guide questions; after all, he or she is most likely a student attending the school who was in your shoes a few years back. We would even suggest that you bring a notebook to jot things down and to keep track of what you liked or didn’t like about a particular college. How is the campus and the surrounding community? What is the typical class size? Are there study abroad programs available? Most of all, could you see yourself going here? Finding the answers to all of your questions will ultimately help you decide on the college that’s your best fit.

Choosing your college is a monumental decision, and taking these extra steps will help to ensure that you select the school that’s right for you.


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