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Vocab Videos Updates: Episode Flashcard Sets & Glossary Links Compatible with iPads/iPhones!


We’re always working on upgrades to help improve our users’ experience, and we’ve recently completed some BIG updates to two of our study tools:


All users now have access to Vocab Videos flashcard sets for every episode! These flashcards can be accessed from the student/educator Flashcards page, and from the video player pages for each episode; so when you’re finished watching the episodes, you now have another form of review. Just click the new Flashcards icon!


Our glossary is now officially compatible with your mobile devices–including Apple’s iPads and iPhones! Use our searchable glossary to review the words featured in the Vocab Videos episodes; and click video links to re-watch any videos you need to review on your computers or on-the-go!


Vocab Videos: Vocab Film Festival Winners!

As you may know, Vocab Videos latest contest, The Vocab Film Festival, has officially come to a close. The Festival was a tremendous success with students, filmmakers, and entire classes submitting their very own vocab videos and photos–we received more than 100 submissions! The Vocab Videos team would like to give a BIG thank you to everyone who got involved, whether it was by making your own entry or voting on your favorite submissions and nonprofits organizations. Our four amazing affiliated nonprofits–Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, Harlem Children’s Zone, Urban Word NYC, and Year Up–earned more than 3,000 votes!

Because we had so many AWESOME submissions, choosing our grand prize winners was an extremely difficult decision, but the votes are in! A panel of judges including members of the Vocab Videos team (who know their vocabulary!) and a special guest judge in the film-making industry helped choose the big winners. Drum roll please…..check out the impressive winning entries (more…)


Vocab Videos: Links to Student Worksheets on Your Home Dashboard!

Vocab Videos is continuously looking to improve its online platform by adding new features and updating existing ones. Digital worksheets provide space for students to write sentences, synonyms, mnemonic devices and other ways of remembering vocabulary words and their meanings. Now, links to a user’s completed worksheets are available right from their home dashboard making them more accessible to users.



Vocab Videos Flashcards on Your Phone: Mobile Flashcards Available through Study Blue!

Vocab Videos has recently partnered with Study Blue to bring Vocab Videos flashcards to your mobile phones! Now, you can study on-the-go with Vocab Videos digital flashcard sets that coincide with each episode!

Click on the links (more…)


Vocab Videos on Myxer!


Look at our Vocab Film Festival widget below, and check out our Myxer channel to watch more of our videos and to get Vocab Videos on your phone!

Myxer: Privacy Policy | Terms – More from Vocab Videos


FREE SAT VOCABULARY VIDEOS: Vocab Videos FREE Subscription Plan

Vocab Videos is pleased to announce that it has recently launched a FREE Vocab Videos subscription plan! Now, visitors to our site can register for a free one month account and receive access to more than 150 Vocab Videos and a portion of our study materials! We wanted to give everyone the chance to see what we do over here at and how our videos can making learning vocabulary fun!

ATTENTION EDUCATORS: See bottom of post!

By registering for a free subscription plan, users can access the following features:

  • Vocab Videos Study Guide: Our study guide provides suggestions on how to get the most out of Vocab Videos. Learn how to best utilize the videos, absorb vocabulary efficiently, and employ our review material most effectively. The guide will help you to craft your own individualized vocabulary regimen.
  • Video Library: Our free account provides access to 8 episodes and over 150 Vocab Videos! Become familiar with engaging Vocab Videos storylines and meet some of our  hilarious characters. You’ll can’t wait to see what happens next!
  • Digital Quizzes: Test your new vocabulary knowledge by taking a Vocab Videos digital quiz after each episode! SAT–style questions offer preparation for standardized tests. At the end of each quiz, detailed quiz results show quiz performance and what questions were answered correctly and incorrectly; results can be downloaded and printed.
  • Downloadable Worksheets: Worksheets can be used to maximize comprehension and retention. They provide space to write sentences, synonyms and mnemonic devices, and to build a more clear understanding of the meaning of the words.

If you like what you see, we make it easy to upgrade to a 6-month or 12-month premium account! A premium subscription plan includes  total access to ALL 500 VOCAB VIDEOS + our extensive suite of study resources. In addition, to our entire video library our premium subscription level offers access to:

  • ALL Digital Quizzes: Take a total of 25 digital quizzes, one for every Vocab Videos episode + cumulative quizzes that take some vocabulary from each episode. Detailed quiz results chart your quiz performance and what words you answered correctly and incorrectly; results can be downloaded and printedQuiz results are stored to the user dashboard, so you can constantly monitor your progress.

  • Digital Flashcard Maker: The digital flashcard maker allows you to create flashcards for additional vocabulary words or for ANY academic subject – flashcards will be saved and stored in your personal Vocab Videos account. Flashcard maker features include:
    • Add an image or movie file
    • Study in quiz mode—“flipping” cards to review
    • View cards in table mode (option to hide the question or answer column)
    • Download and print flashcard sets to review on-the-go

  • Digital Worksheets: Like downloadable worksheets, digital worksheets provide space to write sentences or mnemonic devices to build a clear understanding of the word. Once they are entered, sentences are stored on a personalized study sheet. Print out worksheets for review on-the-go.

  • Vocab Videos Glossary: A searchablealphabetical glossary of all the words featured in Vocab Videos along with their definitions. The glossary allows users to keep track of words they’ve mastered, and to review definitions even when they don’t have access to a computer.
  • Vocab Videos Definition Groups: These category lists group words by common themes. This valuable reference allows for an even more comprehensive understanding of the vocabulary. Definition groups are useful for helping grasp subtle differences in meanings and when to use particular words.
  • Vocab Videos Crossword Puzzles: Crossword puzzles by episode offer a fun form of review. Users can print these out to study on-the-go.

EDUCATORS: Don’t forget, you’ll want to consider a school or classroom package to introduce Vocab Videos to your students! Classroom packages provide individual student and teacher accounts for Vocab Videos.

Teacher accounts allow you to monitor student usage, view quiz results (questions students answered incorrectly), and download review material to incorporate into your curriculum. Sign up for a free teacher demo account on our Educators page, or contact us to get started with a classroom package:

Email: [email protected]

Call: 646-216-9187 ext. 202


Vocab Videos Classroom Packages: New Teacher Grid

The Vocab Videos teacher dashboard enables educators to easily monitor their students’ usage, view quiz results, and download quizzes and review material. 

With our new student result grid, teachers can now readily view specific user and aggregate data, allowing them to track the performance of individual students or an entire class. Low grades are highlighted in red. Just click on a student’s name to view their individual quiz summaries and to see what questions were answered incorrectly. If students are scoring low on a particular quiz, teachers may want to review certain vocabulary words during the class day.


For more information on Vocab Videos classroom packages, email [email protected]. Want to see what a classroom package includes? Get set up with 2-week teacher demo by filling out this form.


Vocab Videos for Your Classroom: Why It’s Right for You!

Vocab Videos is an online SAT and high school vocabulary system that uses hilarious short videos to illustrate the meanings of 500 frequently tested SAT vocabulary words. Bringing the system to the classroom not only provides students with an enjoyable way to learn essential high school vocabulary, but helps them prepare for their college entrance exams–tests that play an important role in where they will pursue their higher education.

We’ve recently made some major upgrades to the Vocab Videos online system to help enhance functionality for educators and students.  Our new digital quizzes and revamped teacher dashboard make Vocab Videos an addition to your classroom you’ll want to consider.  

All Vocab Videos classroom packages include:

-Individual user accounts to Vocab Videos online platform for teachers and students–providing access to our video library of 500+ Vocab Videos!

-Teacher dashboard where educators can monitor their students’ usage, view quiz results and download review material.

-Access to downloadable (PDF) quizzes for printing

-Curriculum consulting on how to best incorporate Vocab Videos into the classroom

-Registration web page with institution name and logo 

Year-long classroom packages start at $195 for 15 students ($13/student)and $360 for 30 students ($12/student). Please contact [email protected] or call 646-216-9187 ext. 202 with questions or for more information.

Once a classroom package is purchased, students register for free through a Vocab Videos landing page we create for your school (see below):

All students who register through this page are then linked to the primary teacher account appearing under “Students” on the teacher dashboard. 

When a teacher clicks on the name of one their students, they’re able to view that student’s Vocab Videos site usage and quiz results.

Still not convinced? Sign up for a FREE trial to check out our teacher demo and see what is included in a classroom package!


Vocab Videos For Teachers: School & Classroom Packages


Welcome Educators!

Vocab Videos is a FUN & EFFECTIVE way to teach your students the essential vocabulary they need to know for college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT.  The online vocabulary system uses hilarious short videos to illustrate the meanings of over 500 frequently-tested SAT vocabulary words.  And, as teachers, you know that the importance of vocabulary goes far beyond test prep; a good vocabulary allows students to communicate effectively inside and outside the classroom. Words are the currency of communication. A good vocabulary will help students read, write, speak, and listen better.

The Vocab Videos online vocabulary platform can easily be incorporated into the classroom as a relevant add-on to your English classes and as a means of bringing test preparation to your students.  While students can purchase individual Vocab Videos subscriptions, classroom and school packages are also available to offer a truly optimal vocabulary experience to students and teachers. 

We’ve recently completed some major upgrades to the Vocab Videos platform, and now with the purchase of a school or classroom package, educators can monitor their students’ Vocab Videos activity and quiz results from their teacher dashboard! Students can register for free through the Vocab Videos landing page we set up for your school. The teacher account is then linked to registered students, so educators can view students’ Vocab Videos progress and check to see that they have completed assignments.  


ALL Vocab Videos school and classroom packages include:

*Individual user accounts to Vocab Videos online platform for teachers and students

*Teacher dashboard where educators can monitor students’ test results and progress

*Downloadable (PDF) quizzes and review material available for teachers to print

*Curriculum consulting on how to best incorporate Vocab Videos into the classroom

*Registration web page with institution name and logo

*Access to technical support

If you would like some more information or a pricing estimate for getting your students started with Vocab Videos, please contact the Vocab Videos team at [email protected] or call us directly at 646-216-9187 ext. 202!

And don’t forget to sign up for your FREE Vocab Videos trial by filling out the form on the Educators page! We look forward to hearing from you and we hope to get your students started improving their vocabulary with the start of the school year!


SAT Vocabulary: Introducing New Digital Quizzes!


We’re making some major upgrades to the Vocab Videos site, the first of which we’re delighted to announce to all of our Vocab Videos subscribers and fans: THE ADDITION OF DIGITAL QUIZZES!

Now, immediately after watching a Vocab Videos episode, you’re able to take an interactive quiz to review all of the SAT vocabulary content you’ve just watched! At the end of each quiz, you’ll see a detailed overview of how you performed–the questions you answered correctly, those you answered incorrectly, and what SAT vocabulary words you need to study further.



Downloadable score reports are available for printing if students want to keep a record of their progress or if teachers want to keep track of their students’ quiz performance. If your quiz score shows that you didn’t fully grasp the episode’s vocabulary content, go back and watch the video again, and then re-take the quiz!