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Vocab Videos Updates: Episode Flashcard Sets & Glossary Links Compatible with iPads/iPhones!


We’re always working on upgrades to help improve our users’ experience, and we’ve recently completed some BIG updates to two of our study tools:


All users now have access to Vocab Videos flashcard sets for every episode! These flashcards can be accessed from the student/educator Flashcards page, and from the video player pages for each episode; so when you’re finished watching the episodes, you now have another form of review. Just click the new Flashcards icon!


Our glossary is now officially compatible with your mobile devices–including Apple’s iPads and iPhones! Use our searchable glossary to review the words featured in the Vocab Videos episodes; and click video links to re-watch any videos you need to review on your computers or on-the-go!


NEW FEATURE: Study Your Vocab Videos Flash Cards on Your Phones and Tablets!

Hi Vocab Videos users! We have good news: the flash cards that you create on are now available in a mobile-friendly view on your mobile devices and tablets! So you can now study your vocabulary words and terms on-the-go.

Remember: you can use the Vocab Videos flash card maker to create digital flashcards for ANY ACADEMIC SUBJECT! So we would encourage you to make use of this new functionality by creating flash card sets for any of your upcoming tests or quizzes. Create flash cards for an upcoming biology quiz or history exam; create an ongoing set for unfamiliar words and terms you come across in reading assignments. We hope that you’re also  creating worksheets for your words, using them in sentences and taking notes that will help you remember their definitions; you can convert your completed worksheets into flash card sets with the click of a button!

Reviewing these words on a regular basis will help you to better remember their meanings, so be sure to take advantage of our multimedia flash card maker and our mobile-friendly quiz feature!

To access our digital flash card maker:

  • Sign into your Vocab Videos account
  • If you’re a student, select “My Flashcards” from your Locker homepage; if you’re on an educator account, select the blue “My Flashcards” tab
  • Review your flash cards from your mobile devices or tablets, by selecting the “Take Quiz Mobile” icon (this will display flash cards in a mobile-friendly quiz mode)
  • Simply tap the screen to flip between the front and back of your flash cards.
    • Know it and ready to move on? Click “Got It!”
    • Want to shuffle the cards? Click “Mix ’em up”
    • Finished reviewing the set? Click “I’m Done”

Front of card (iPhone screen):

Back of card (iPhone screen):