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Vocabulary is worth up to 150 points on the SAT. 

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Special Offers + Updates

  • NEW FEATURE: You can now upload your own photos and videos! Create videos (or find ones from around the web) that help illustrate the meanings of your vocab words!
  • NEW BOOKSTORE: The test prep experts behind Vocab Videos also publish STUDENT and TEACHER SAT/ACT books. Shop A-List Education!
Vocab Videos is designed for both teachers + students
Hilarious Videos: Feature 500 essential vocabulary words
Flashcard Maker: Create multimedia flashcards for ANY subject
Digital Quizzes: Quizzes modeled on SAT style questions
Special Teacher Features: View class quiz scores

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SAT Vocabulary Learning & Much More!

Vocab Videos was originally developed to teach SAT Vocabulary and tailored around learning key SAT Vocabulary words. Since that time, the system has proven an extremely effective vocabulary-learning tool for a variety of different tests beyond the SAT such as the ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and GRE tests. Vocab Videos is also an exemplary learning and teaching tool for any vocabulary learning program/class or individual vocabulary learning needs. Examples of uses outside of SAT and other test vocabulary are classroom vocabulary programs and ESL (English as a Second Language) vocabulary learning. For educators, we offer SAT/ACT professional development and materials licensing and have developed programs designed specifically for classroom vocabulary learning accompanied with several valuable educator vocabulary resources.

The Vocab Videos program is based on watching humorous, memorable videos to teach vocabulary in a contextual format. Using both auditory and visual cues, each video includes a real-world representation of the meaning of a word in a way that you can easily relate to and understand. In addition to the videos, the program includes quizzes, worksheets, a multimedia flashcard maker and many other tools. The vocabulary platform also includes a number of special educator features that allow teachers to monitor student usage and progress. Ready to get started? Take a look around the site and you will see a host of great vocabulary learning resources for the SAT including a free SAT word list and much more. Take advantage of our free trial to get started today!