Vocab Videos Advice: SAT Subject Tests (AKA SAT IIs)

We at Vocab Videos encourage you to begin thinking¬† about SAT subject tests (AKA SAT IIs).¬† SAT II subjects include Literature, Math (Levels 1 & 2), US and World History, the Sciences, and an assortment of Foreign Languages. Many colleges will require or recommend that students take at least one or two SAT IIs, and some might even ask that you take a particular subject, so be certain to check out the admissions requirements for EACH college to which you’re applying.

Test dates are typically the same as those for the SAT, and at one-hour per test (no matter what subject), students can take up to three SAT IIs on any given date. Subject tests are being offered alongside the SAT on May 1st and June 5th, so if you haven’t already be sure to:

  1. Begin your research on which of your colleges require SAT subject tests.
  2. Start thinking about what subject tests you feel comfortable taking on.
  3. Devise your SAT II battle-plan!

For some guidance on your colleges’ SAT II reqs, use the College Board’s “Find a College” feature. Search colleges by name, click on the “Admissions” tab, and check out what is said about SAT IIs under “Admission Policies and Factors.”

And because vocabulary will ALWAYS help you, don’t forget to get started with Vocab Videos–SAT and SAT II vocabulary the fun & effective way!


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