The Vocab Film Festival: Closed but Not Over…

As of June 1st, the Vocab Film Festival is officially closed. The Festival invited students and filmmakers to create their own vocab videos, and participants proved more than up to the challenge. We received 100+ video and photo entries! A BIG thanks to all who participated either through submitting entries or voting on their favorite videos & photos.

But even though the Festival is no longer accepting submissions or votes, a big portion of the contest has yet to come–the GRAND PRIZE CEREMONY! Student and filmmaker finalists are competing to take home the top prizes; a special judging panel will be deciding on the winning finalist entries (with the exception of the People’s Choice Award, which is based solely on votes), and it will certainly not be an easy decision.

So stay tuned Vocab Videos fans, the judges are deliberating. May winners will be announced by June 8th, and the grand prize announcements (including the winning nonprofit organization) will be made by June 17th.

Thanks again to everyone who got involved. Please enjoy some of the wonderful Festival submissions below:

February Oscar Challenge- Protract | The King’s Speech (filmmaker):

February Oscar Challenge- Soporific | Harry Potter (student):

March TV Challenge- Upbraid | Real Housewives of Atlanta (filmmaker):

March TV Challenge- Inane | Modern Family (student):

April Fool’s Challenge- Nefarious | April’s Fool (filmmaker):

April Fool’s Challenge- Vacuous (student):

May Holiday Challenge- Lackadaisical | Jimmy’s Game (filmmaker):