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Vocab Videos & Competitive Edge Tutors

Bonnie Snyder, of Competitive Edge Tutors, with a few of her students.

Vocabulary prep is a crucial part of a student’s SAT and ACT preparation. Vocab Videos provides a unique and innovative online platform that helps students learn SAT vocabulary words. The vocabulary system leverages verbal, auditory, and visual cues in hilarious, professionally crafted short videos to demonstrate the meanings of over 500 rigorously-researched, high value SAT words. In addition to the videos, the online platform also includes extensive downloadable test and review material.  Vocab Videos’ humorous plot lines and engaging characters make it an effective and entertaining vocabulary system, and one learning system that your kids will truly enjoy!

An increased vocabulary will not only benefit young students in the future in terms of test preparation, but will help them to become better readers, writers, and interpreters of information as they progress toward higher education. To encourage students to get a headstart on their vocabulary, A-List is offering Competitive Edge Tutors’ students 25% off a Vocab Videos subscription! While Vocab Videos is intended for high school students, many middle teachers and students throughout the country are making use of the vocabulary system; however, we would advise that parents review Vocab Videos content at before getting their young scholars started.

Take a look around and enjoy Vocab Videos!

*Bonnie Snyder and her company, Competitive Edge Tutors,  provide test prep for all pre-school through 6th grade tests (i.e. ERB, Stanford Binet, NY State ELA and Math exams, ISEE/SSAT).  To go back to the Competitive Edge website and to find details of this discount, please click here.


College Admissions Counseling: Make the Most of Your Summer

If you’re a high school sophomore, junior or soon-to-be senior, consider optimizing your time off from school. Make the most of your vacation with one of our summer opportunity suggestions:

Even if it’s not on your reading list, read a good book this summer
  • Summer job: For many of you, a summer job is a typical part of your summer experience.  If it’s not, we’d recommend you start looking around and applying. Not only will a summer job put some cash in your pocket, it’s a good learning experience. Did we mention it’s also something to tag onto your college activities resume?
    *If you’re getting a bit too late of a start, and summer jobs are scarce, don’t be too discouraged—read on for other ways to have a productive summer!
  • Internship: Internships can provide a world of opportunity. They are a terrific way to get a glimpse into a particular occupation or industry, and thus, to discover if the career path that you’re contemplating is right (or wrong) for you.   And while it may be looking a bit down the road, internships can also turn into job offers.  Whether it’s a paid or unpaid internship, the experience is generally profitable in the end.
  • Volunteer: If you’re having a hard time finding a summer job or internship opportunity, we’d urge you to consider volunteer work. After all, it’s unlikely a volunteer organization will turn down a helping hand. Sure, giving back and giving your time will look good when you’re applying to colleges, but there are many more reasons to volunteer your time. Volunteering can give you the chance to take on a leadership role, meet new people, get involved in your community, or learn and develop a new skill. Overall, it can be quite a personally rewarding experience.
  • Get Smart: Even though you’re not in school, try not to use summer as an excuse to turn off your brain. You may not like the sound of this, but if you’re going into your sophomore or junior year, summer is a great time to start preparing for your SAT. Read a few good books and the newspaper to improve your reading comprehension, try Vocab Videos for a fun way to learn your SAT vocabulary, or slowly work your way through an SAT study guide while lounging around. If you’ve already taken the SAT, read regardless to keep that brain active! Use summer as a time to get ahead of the game.

How to Ace the SAT: Stephen Colbert’s Sound Advice

Hey Vocab Videos fans! Watch Stephen Colbert’s advice on acing the SAT below for a laugh.

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Stephen’s Sound Advice – How to Ace the SATs
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Fox News

And don’t forget to keep studying your SAT vocabulary!


Vocab Videos Word Scramble: Twitter & Facebook Solutions

  • 12/10/10: Incisive (adj.)= penetrating, clear, and sharp. Unlike most baseball announcers, Steve gives truly incisive analysis instead of repeating the same hackneyed ideas.
  • 11/4/10: Circumvent (adj.)= to avoid or get around. In an effort to circumvent any delays, we skipped the middleman and went straight to the top.
    *SAT Vocab Synonym: elude
  • 9/21/10: Obfuscate (v.)= to confuse or make obscure. The candidate intentionally obfuscated his proposal so the voters wouldn’t realize he was calling for a massive tax hike.
    *SAT Vocab Synonym: confound
  • 8/30/10: Hedonistic (adj.)= valuing pleasure over all else. Dave lived a hedonistic life and spent all of his time eating chocolate sauce straight from the bottle.
    *Word Alert: A hedonist is one who only values pleasure.
  • 8/19/10: Reclusive (adj.)= seeking or preferring isolation. The reclusive author always refuses to give interviews about his work.
    *Word Alert: A recluse is someone who is reclusive.
  • 7/22/10: Divergent (adj.)= drawing apart from a common point; differing from another. The twins’ lives followed divergent paths, with one becoming a doctor and the other becoming a drunken fool.
  • 7/9/10: Belie (v.)=to represent falsely. John’s laughter belies the true pain he feels inside.
  • 7/2/10: Mercenary (adj.)=motivated solely by a desire for monetary or material gain. I don’t care if I seem mercenary; I refuse to help unless I get paid.
    *Word Alert: “Mercenary” can also be a noun meaning one who works or serves for mercenary reasons.
  • 6/30/10: Efficacious (adj.)=effective. The efficacious treatment effectively cured my headache.
  • 6/17/10: Haughty (adj.)=snobbish; overly proud. Harry is so haughty; he thinks he’s the man.
    *Related “Cocky” SAT vocab: bombastic, grandiose, pompous
  • 6/14/10: Juxtapose (v.)=to place side by side. Las Vegas is a place of contrasts: a bustling city of lights juxtaposed with an empty, desolate desert.
  • 6/8/10: Garrulous (adj.)= talkative. Gary is so garrulous that it seems like he’s always got his phone to his ear.
    *SAT vocab synonyms: verbose, voluble
  • 6/1/10: Placid (adj.)= calm, quiet. Sitting by this placid lake helps me meditate.
    *SAT vocab synonyms: tranquil, serene
  • 5/26/10: Pernicious (adj.)= deadly or destructive. The disease has a pernicious effect; it single-handedly killed an entire species.
  • 5/19/10: Nebulous (adj.)=hazy, vague; lacking defined form. I’m not sure of exactly what he wants because he only gave these nebulous orders.
    *Related SAT vocab: ambiguous (adj.), amorphous (adj.)
  • 5/17/10: Sanguine (adj.)=cheerful. A few glasses of sangria always makes me feel sanguine.
    *Additional “Happy Camper” SAT vocab: elated (adj.), buoyant (adj.), felicity (n.
  • 5/13/10: Negligible (adj.)=insignificant, really small. A 10 point change in your SAT score is negligible and will not affect your college admission.
    *SAT Vocab Synonyms: trivial, inconsequential, frivolous
  • 5/10/10: Amenable (adj.)=open to advice or suggestion. She is in need of assistance and is amenable to any suggestions that you might have.
  • 5/4/10: Mercurial (adj.)=changeable, erratic. Amy is a mercurial woman; she loves you one moment then hates you the next.
    *SAT vocab synonyms: erratic, volatile
  • 4/29/10: Conjecture (n.)= guesswork. Until we get the test results back, discussing whether John is on steroids is just conjecture.
  • 4/28/10: Voluminous (adj.)= big; having large volume. Her voluminous vocabulary is what allows her to be so voluble.
    *SAT vocab synonyms: copious, prodigious
  • 4/26/10:  Expedite (v.)=to speed the progress of. Maybe if we hire more employees we can expedite the project.
  • 4/21/10: Transitory (adj.)=existing only briefly. True happiness can be achieved, but it is transitory, passing us by after the briefest of moments.
    Other Gone in 60 Seconds themed vocab: transient, ephemeral, evanescent
  • 4/15/10: Equanimity (n.)= the quality of being calm and even tempered. Scott is known for displaying equanimity in times of stress.
    *Related SAT vocab: tranquil, composed, serene
  • 4/14/10: Obtrusive (adj.)= sticking out, noticeable; brash meddling. Doug was embarrassed by the obtrusive pimple on the tip of his nose.
    *Word Alert: to obtrude is to be obtrusive.
  • 4/12/10: Bombastic (adj.)=using arrogant or pretentious speech. My bombastic English teacher uses big words to show off how smart he is, but he never actually says anything meaningful.
    *Word Alert: Bombastic is close in meaning to the SAT vocabulary word, verbose.
  • 4/7/10: Perspicacity (n.)=a high level of perception or understanding. Because of the amazing perspicacity he has shown, we made him the executive vice president of the company.
  • 4/6/10: Ebullient (adj.)=enthusiastic, lively. The bubbly girl was so ebullient that I felt invigorated by talking to her.
    *Extra tidbit: Related SAT vocab- exuberant, vivacious
  • 4/5/10: Innocuous (adj.)=harmless.  It was an innocuous comment; it wasn’t meant to hurt anybody’s feelings.
    *Extra tidbit: from Latin “innocuus” or “harmless,” in- “not” + nocuus “hurtful”
  • 4/2/10: Conciliate (v.)=to bring peace, quiet, or calm to; to relieve. The president had to conciliate the angry nation before war broke out.
    *Extra tidbit: Related SAT vocab- appease, mollify
  • 4/1/10: Impetuous (adj.)=energetically impulsive, unthinking. The impetuous child always acts on his first desire without considering the consequences.
    *Extra tidbit: SAT vocabulary synonym “capricious
  • 3/31/10: Adroit (adj.)=very skilled. The adroit acrobat twirled and whirled through the air.
    *Extra etymological tidbit: The prefix, mal- means “bad,” and so “maladroit” fittingly = lacking in adroitness or unskillful.
  • 3/30/10: Dubious (adj.)=doubtful, questionable. I am skeptical of your dubious claim that you can eat 50 hot dogs in five minutes.
  • 3/29/10: Denounce (v.)= to condemn openly. The candidate denounced the current mayor, blaming him for the increasing crime and excessive tax rates.

Vocab Videos: Facebook Challenge for a FREE 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP!

Hey Vocab Videos fans! We’re trying to give our Vocab Videos Facebook page a boost, and we need your help! We’re asking those of you who “Like” Vocab Videos on Facebook to get your Facebook friends to do the same!

The Vocab Videos Facebook page offers a bit of SAT advice every day whether it’s in the form of the definition of an SAT vocabulary word, a word scramble challenge, a funny vocab video, or some useful tips for test prep success.

Of course, for your help, we would like to give you something in return— A FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO VOCAB VIDEOS!

  • Get 20 of your friends to become Vocab Videos fans (using the “Suggest to Friends” feature) and we’ll get you started with a one year membership to our online vocabulary system!
  • E-mail [email protected] to let us know all of the Facebook friends you’ve recruited!

To suggest the Vocab Videos Facebook page to your friends, simply follow these instructions:

  1. If you haven’t already, become a fan of Vocab Videos by logging in and going to the Vocab Videos Facebook page.
  2. Once you become a fan, on the Vocab Videos Facebook page, directly underneath Vocab Videos’ profile picture is the option “Suggest to Friends
  3. Either search for friends you think would be interested in the page, or better yet select all of your friends!
  4. Then click “Send Invitations

Trust us: It’s that simple, but more importantly—it’s worth it! Vocabulary is essential to success on college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT. So put your SAT vocabulary flashcards aside and study your SAT vocabulary the FUN way with Vocab Videos!


Join in the Vocab Videos Facebook Challenge to receive a FREE ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to Vocab Videos!

*Vocab Videos is a unique web-based learning system that brings vocabulary to life, and is being effectively used in schools across the country to prepare students for standardized tests like the SAT and as a general vocabulary improvement tool. The system uses hilarious short videos to illustrate the meanings of over 500 high frequency SAT vocabulary words making them easy for students to learn and remember. The extensive study material including practice quizzes, word lists with definitions, and recommended study guides, reinforces the vocabulary students learn through the videos and promotes high levels of retention.


SAT Vocabulary: Happy Holiday from Vocab Videos! Be sure to check out our FREE GIFT…


Happy Holidays! Enjoy your FREE Vocab Videos SAT vocabulary word list.

To Vocab Video fans and readers of our Vocab Videos blog: We wish you and yours a joyous holiday season and a happy & healthy new year!

‘Tis the season of giving, and Vocab Videos is getting into the spirit!

  • Don’t forget to download your FREE SAT vocabulary word list consisting of 500 of the most common SAT vocabulary words and their definitions!
  • Also, be sure to take advantage of Vocab Videos’ holiday discount, and get started learning your PSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE vocabulary the fun way!

Education, after all, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether we like it or not, standardized tests like the SAT are a big part of the college admissions process and, therefore, our progression toward a higher education.

And don’t forget: having a rich vocabulary will help you for, but also long after your college entrance exams.

So, enjoy your holiday, and enter the New Year ready to learn!


SAT Vocabulary: FREE SAT Vocabulary Word List with 500 Key SAT Words & Their Definitions


Get a FREE Vocab Videos SAT vocabulary word list! Featuring 500 key SAT vocabulary words!

When it comes to standardized test preparation, vocabulary is indispensable. To tackle the verbal sections of standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE , and ISEE students need to be equipped with a certain level of vocabulary. Vocab Videos knows its SAT vocabulary and we’re trying to help you learn it too! To do this we’re offering you a FREE DOWNLOADABLE VOCAB VIDEOS SAT VOCABULARY WORD LIST (link below) with 500 of the most common SAT vocabulary words! Here’s why you should check out our FREE SAT vocabulary word list:

  • It includes 500 of the most common SAT vocabulary words. About 1/3 of the SAT Reading section is made up of questions that are explicitly vocabulary-dependent—questions that are potentially worth 150 points in all. Even on questions that don’t specifically test vocabulary, students are often confused by difficult words, so being knowledgeable when it comes to SAT vocabulary is one of the best ways to increase SAT scores.
  • They’re high value SAT vocabulary words. Extensive research and analysis of countless SAT tests went into selecting these 500 frequently appearing SAT vocabulary words. It’s not just a list of our favorite words or the most difficult vocabulary we could find. Putting the time in to learn these words will really pay off when it’s time to take the SAT.
  • This SAT vocab will help you on other standardized tests & in high school English classes. A lot of this SAT vocabulary will also appear on other standardized tests where vocabulary is essential like the ACT, GRE, and ISEE. So, if you’re preparing for any one of these tests, it would benefit you to learn these SAT vocabulary words as well. Additionally, you’ll get the opportunity to impress your English teachers when your newly learned vocabulary shows up in assignments!
  • It’s useful as a general vocabulary improvement tool. Not taking a standardized test? Not a problem. Even if you’re not taking a test, learning this vocabulary can only help you. Words are the currency of communication. A good vocabulary will help you read, write, speak, and listen better.

Remember: THIS SAT VOCABULARY WORD LIST IS A SUPPLEMENT TO AND NOT A SUBSITUTE FOR THE COMPREHENSIVE VOCAB VIDEOS SYSTEM! When using the SAT vocabulary glossary along with Vocab Videos, teachers and students can use the word list to keep track of what words they’ve mastered, and students have the option to review definitions even when they don’t have access to a computer.

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Vocab Videos is way more than a text document with definitions—it brings these 500 frequently appearing SAT vocabulary words to life! The verbal, auditory, and visual cues in our videos is what makes the system worthwhile and more effective than other traditional methods of studying vocabulary. And the entertaining characters and parodies of popular TV shows like Lost, The Office, 24, and Gossip Girl that are featured in the videos make the content fun and relevant.

It’s no secret that a good vocabulary is a crucial component of English study. Vocabulary is an essential part of all reading comprehension because reading comprehension depends upon the meaning readers give to words. A rich vocabulary can open you up to a broader range of reading materials and enhance your ability to read, write, and interpret information. So, take advantage of this offer! Use this free SAT vocabulary word list to begin learning 500 key SAT vocab words that will help you become a better student and standardized test-taker. And, for the total SAT vocabulary learning package, be sure to give the Vocab Videos system a try, which includes many more tips and tools for learning and remembering your SAT vocabulary!


Click to Download & Print: Vocab Videos FREE SAT Vocabulary Word List


SAT Vocabulary: Make the Most of Vocab Videos!

Making the most of the Vocab Videos study program involves more than just watching the videos. Don’t forget to make use of our extensive review material! The supplemental material is intended to give you a better understanding of the vocabulary, so don’t let it go to waste. In addition to watching Vocab Videos, the downloadable vocabulary study material is going to aid you in remembering your SAT vocabulary come the big test day! Check out what we have to offer and how you can work it into your personal study plan:

  • Vocab Videos Study Guide: Our study guide provides insight into the Vocab Videos study program. Learn how to best utilize videos, absorb vocabulary efficiently, and use review material most effectively. The guide will help you to craft your own individualized vocabulary regimen.
  • Vocab Videos Glossary: An alphabetical glossary of all Vocab Videos-featured words and their definitions is useful for organizational purposes. Teachers and students can keep track of what words they’ve mastered, and students have the option to review definitions even when they don’t have access to a computer.
  • Vocab Videos Definition Groups: These category lists group words by common themes. This valuable reference allows for an even more comprehensive understanding of the vocabulary. Definition groups are useful for helping students to grasp subtle differences in meanings and when to use particular words.
  • Vocab Videos Worksheet: Worksheets can be used to get students more involved in the vocabulary learning process, and to help them maximize vocabulary comprehension and retention.  They provide space for students to write their own sentences, synonyms and mnemonic devices and to build a clear understanding of the meaning of a word.
  • Vocab Videos Quizzes: Take a quiz after watching each Vocab Videos episode. Quizzes allow students to test their newfound vocabulary knowledge and to reinforce what they’ve seen in the videos.  SAT–style questions prepare them for what they’ll encounter on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, so it’s the ultimate review.

Learn vocabulary for standardized tests and English exams, and raise SAT scores 150 points with Vocab Videos!


SAT Vocabulay: Bring “Edutainment” to Your Classroom with Vocab Videos!

Entertainment + Education = “Edutainment”

If you’d like a more formal definition, “edutainment” typically seeks to instruct its audience by embedding lessons in some familiar form of entertainment. Combining entertaining video with SAT vocabulary, Vocab Videos wants to bring edutainment to your English classrooms!

Here are a few reasons Edutainment works in the classroom:

  • It’s Innovative: Students are used to learning from textbooks, worksheets, flashcards, and other typical educational materials. Edutainment is something new. Traditional methods like vocabulary flashcards simply give you a definition. And, a stack of 500 flashcards can be overwhelming for students. Vocab Videos uses humorous video to not only to tell you the definitions of 500 SAT vocabulary words, but to illustrate those words’ meanings. 
  • Gets Students Excited about Learning: Students like a change of pace. Ever notice how ecstatic they get to watch a movie for class? It’s because it’s not something they get to do every day. Vocab Videos gets students excited about learning SAT vocabulary! Because the material itself is entertaining, and it’s coming to them in a manner that doesn’t feel like “studying,” it works for students.
  • Gets Results: If students are motivated to learn the material, they’re not going to mind studying it.  Vocab Videos presents vocabulary in a manner that is digestible and entertaining for students, so that they actually enjoy learning it. This makes students and teachers lives easier as students learn crucial SAT vocabulary that will not only boost their SAT scores, but benefit them in their English classes. After all, an improved vocabulary promotes literacy—making students better readers, writers, and interpreters of information.

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Edutainment that can increase your SAT score up to 150 points? Give Vocab Videos a try!


SAT Vocabulary: Engage Your Classroom With Vocab Videos!

Keeping students engaged in the classroom can undoubtedly be a struggle for educators. Incorporating Vocab Videos into English classes is a fun and effective way to change up a monotonous vocabulary lesson, and teach high school students the SAT vocabulary they’ll need to know for their SAT test. Here are a few suggestions for incorporating Vocab Videos into your vocabulary teaching lessons:

  • Word of the Day: Accompany an SAT vocabulary “Word of the Day” definition with a hilariously entertaining video that illustrates the word’s meaning. The videos’ humor will give students something to look forward to each day, and students will be learning an SAT vocabulary word that they’ll need to know for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT. Don’t just watch—get involved! Encourage students to use the vocabulary word when possible throughout the day in their speech, writing, and classroom interaction.
  • Episode per Week: One SAT vocabulary word a day not enough? Or are you working on a tighter schedule in preparation for the SAT or ACT? Get into an entertaining educational routine by watching an episode a week. Watch the video once through, and review individual SAT vocabulary words throughout the week. Teachers also have the option of giving students a quiz at the end of the week to ensure that they’re retaining the material. With each video clip running about 30 seconds, an episode is only about 10 minutes long, so the video time won’t interfere much with your daily teaching routine. But, don’t forget these are a productive 10 minutes! Students are learning SAT vocabulary words that will not only help them on standardized tests, but will help them be become better readers, writers, and English students!
  • Homework Assignment: If watching Vocab Videos in the classroom isn’t an option, assign episodes or a certain number of SAT vocabulary words for a take-home assignment. Each student can login to their individual accounts from a personal computer, and it won’t even feel like homework! Reinforce definitions by using the SAT vocabulary words in class, and quiz students to make sure that they’re learning the definitions. No two students are exactly alike, so viewing Vocab Videos from home in addition to watching them in the classroom could be advantageous. It gives students the opportunity to spend more time reviewing the SAT vocabulary words that they’re struggling with.  
  • USE THE WORDS: No matter which vocabulary study plan you choose, don’t stop at watching the videos. Use these SAT vocabulary words, and really get involved in the vocabulary learning process. Make it a challenge. Encourage students to use the words as often as possible in classroom conversation and writing assignments. Make up a rhyme or story centered around a few of the vocabulary words. Again, the goal is for students to get a real understanding of these SAT vocabulary words’ meanings. If a student truly understands the definition of a vocabulary word, he or she will be able to recognize and understand it even within an unfamiliar context as it might appear on the SAT or ACT test. Furthermore, having a good vocabulary will be useful far beyond SAT test preparation!

Have fun learning vocabulary. Give Vocab Videos a try!