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SAT Registration: Follow These Simple Instructions…

Sometimes navigating websites even to do what seem like the simplest tasks can be overly complicated. But when you’re preparing for the SAT, you’re under enough stress! Follow the clear-cut instructions below to register for the SAT through without a hitch.

  1. Go to
  2. If you already have a College Board account—sign in. Otherwise, under “My Organizer” click “Sign Up,” enter your information, and create a user name and password.
  3. When signed in, go to and click “Register Now.”
  4. Fill out your basic information to get to the “Select Test and Center tab.”
  5. The rest is self-explanatory!

If you’re still in the stages of SAT preparation don’t forget to learn your SAT vocabulary which could help you raise your score up to 150 points!

Good luck on your SAT!