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College Admissions: Dealing with Rejection

Well this sucks...time to consider my other options.

“To allow other people’s assessment of you to determine your own self-assessment is a very big mistake.”

Columbia University President, Lee Bollinger

After seeing a headline in the newspaper reading THE ANSWER IS NO: The Zen of Dealing with Rejection, we at Vocab Videos were reminded of just how rough students applying to college these days have it. You never want to open a letter from one of your colleges that begins “It is with regret that I must inform you…” but in the increasingly competitive world of college admissions, the unfortunate reality is that not all of you will gain admission to your top choice college. In fact, at most top schools, the acceptance rate is below 10 percent. Rejection is never easy, but it is a test of our resilience.

If you receive a rejection letter from your top-choice college, it’s completely normal and natural for you to go through a period of mourning. Yes, you’ll be disappointed, and it will more than likely be difficult to decide on an alternative course of action when you already had your ideal college plan mapped out in your mind. But as hard as it is, this crucial period is not the time to wallow in feelings of rejection and sadness. Katie Malachuk, author of “You’re Accepted: Lose the Stress, Discover Yourself, Get in to the College That’s Right for You,” advises students in this tough spot to “turn a negative into a positive by taking charge of your life.” And we have to say she’s giving some pretty spot-on advice. Take this time to self-reflect and really evaluate what you want out of your college experience. Look to the schools in which you were offered admission and weigh in on what they have to offer you academically and socially. Often times, we get our mind so fixed on our one dream school that we fail to see some of the meaningful things other colleges have to offer. As Ms. Malachuk would say, be open to the notion that “sometimes ‘not your first choice’ is your best choice.” Re-evaluating your college options and ultimately your future may very well lead you to making the choice that is right for you.

And no matter what happens, remember to stay positive. It’s not easy to take the negativity out of rejection, but do your best to keep an open mind. In the end, if you do choose to attend your second or third choice school, give it a real shot. You’re not locked into anything; if it’s not working out or if it doesn’t feel like the right fit, you always have the option to transfer or take some time off to reconsider your alternatives. But it’s never in your best interest to waste a valuable learning experience, and not giving a college a chance will only hurt you in the end.

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