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Vocab Videos: The Groundbreaking New Tool for Learning Vocabulary

A-List Launches YouTube Contest with $1,000 Grand Prize

NEW YORK–(Business Wire)–

A-List Services LLC, a leading test preparation and educational services company, launched a nationwide contest today on YouTube to promote Vocab Videos, a revolutionary new vocabulary product for high school students. The competition invites students and teachers to produce and submit short videos that illustrate the meanings of words frequently found on the SAT and other standardized tests. The contest runs until April 30 including a monthly prizes and a $1,000 Grand Prize. In addition, all entrants who submit 5 or more eligible videos will get a 1-month free subscription to Vocab Videos. More information on the contest is available on the Vocab Videos YouTube Channel.

Vocab Videos was developed over the last two years by the experienced tutors at A-List who, having prepared thousands of students for tests like the SAT and ACT, witnessed firsthand the difficulty many students have learning new words. Vocab Videos represents a new breed of vocabulary tool that leverages the huge appeal of online video content to thoroughly engage students. The videos use both audio and visual cues enabling students to learn and remember the meanings of words much more effectively than with traditional flashcards. Each video provides a real-world representation of the meaning of a word in a way that students can relate to and understand.

A-List hired Portal A Interactive to produce and direct the videos with professional actors. The videos are organized into episodes with absorbing plot lines and recurring characters, offering parodies of popular TV shows like Lost and The Office. The service comes with quizzes and review materials to help reinforce what students watch.

Vocab Videos has already attracted considerable interest from schools. Dr. James Montesano, Paramus School Superintendent, explains: “Vocab Videos presents a unique and innovative way to help students strengthen their vocabulary skills and improve their SAT performance. The videos will attract the interest of young adults and is a creative and entertaining way to impact student learning.”

Vocab Videos is available through a web-based platform where users can subscribe for 1 month ($9.99) or 12 months ($49.99). A DVD will soon be available on Licensing agreements are available for schools and nonprofits.

A-Listis a dynamic test preparation and educational services company founded by a group of Ivy League graduates. Using customized curricula and proprietary materials, A-List prepares students for tests like the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE and LSAT as well as providing advising services for college admissions. A-List is committed to working with youth who may not otherwise have access to quality instruction and has partnered with several nationally recognized nonprofit organizations.

Portal A Interactive is a new media company specializing in online video production and distribution. By maintaining a keen sense of successful web content, Portal A has enabled clients in areas as diverse as entertainment and education to refine their message and deliver it to a targeted online audience.