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Vocab Videos & Competitive Edge Tutors

Bonnie Snyder, of Competitive Edge Tutors, with a few of her students.

Vocabulary prep is a crucial part of a student’s SAT and ACT preparation. Vocab Videos provides a unique and innovative online platform that helps students learn SAT vocabulary words. The vocabulary system leverages verbal, auditory, and visual cues in hilarious, professionally crafted short videos to demonstrate the meanings of over 500 rigorously-researched, high value SAT words. In addition to the videos, the online platform also includes extensive downloadable test and review material.  Vocab Videos’ humorous plot lines and engaging characters make it an effective and entertaining vocabulary system, and one learning system that your kids will truly enjoy!

An increased vocabulary will not only benefit young students in the future in terms of test preparation, but will help them to become better readers, writers, and interpreters of information as they progress toward higher education. To encourage students to get a headstart on their vocabulary, A-List is offering Competitive Edge Tutors’ students 25% off a Vocab Videos subscription! While Vocab Videos is intended for high school students, many middle teachers and students throughout the country are making use of the vocabulary system; however, we would advise that parents review Vocab Videos content at before getting their young scholars started.

Take a look around and enjoy Vocab Videos!

*Bonnie Snyder and her company, Competitive Edge Tutors,  provide test prep for all pre-school through 6th grade tests (i.e. ERB, Stanford Binet, NY State ELA and Math exams, ISEE/SSAT).  To go back to the Competitive Edge website and to find details of this discount, please click here.