SAT Vocabulary: Vocabulary Matters Long After the SAT Test!


Vocabulary is crucial in SAT test preparation as it can help raise SAT test scores significantly. Even if you’re not preparing for the SAT or ACT tests, a good vocabulary is beneficial to anyone who speaks the English language. Let me remind you of a few reasons vocabulary matters:

  1.  Speak well: Learn to articulate your impressive ideas using equally impressive vocabulary words. Blow a potential employer away at a job interview. Speaking well and intelligently is important both inside and outside the classroom.  
  2. Write well: Writing is a skill that you’ll likely need no matter what career path you choose. Whether you’re a presidential speech writer or just sending an e-mail to an employer, knowing how to write well is invaluable. Having a good vocabulary and an intimate knowledge of vocabulary words and language will help you get there.
  3. Read well: Better understand what you’re reading. Perhaps you’ll no longer require the dictionary at your side while reading the Wall Street Journal and the literary work your professor assigns. A thorough understanding of a vocabulary word’s meaning is an important part of reading comprehension.
  4. Score well: While a good vocabulary is useful for more than standardized testing, it also helps with SAT test preparation, ACT test preparation, ISEE test preparation, GRE test preparation and more. SAT Reading scores can increase up to 150 points by learning some big vocabulary words, SO LEARN THEM. It’s worth the effort.

Vocabulary really does matter, so make learning vocabulary a priority whether you’re in school or not. Sure, you can learn new vocabulary words using vocabulary flashcards or vocabulary books, but why would you?  Give Vocab Videos a try for a fun and effective way to speak, write, read, and score better.


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