SAT Vocabulary: Make the Most of Vocab Videos!

Making the most of the Vocab Videos study program involves more than just watching the videos. Don’t forget to make use of our extensive review material! The supplemental material is intended to give you a better understanding of the vocabulary, so don’t let it go to waste. In addition to watching Vocab Videos, the downloadable vocabulary study material is going to aid you in remembering your SAT vocabulary come the big test day! Check out what we have to offer and how you can work it into your personal study plan:

  • Vocab Videos Study Guide: Our study guide provides insight into the Vocab Videos study program. Learn how to best utilize videos, absorb vocabulary efficiently, and use review material most effectively. The guide will help you to craft your own individualized vocabulary regimen.
  • Vocab Videos Glossary: An alphabetical glossary of all Vocab Videos-featured words and their definitions is useful for organizational purposes. Teachers and students can keep track of what words they’ve mastered, and students have the option to review definitions even when they don’t have access to a computer.
  • Vocab Videos Definition Groups: These category lists group words by common themes. This valuable reference allows for an even more comprehensive understanding of the vocabulary. Definition groups are useful for helping students to grasp subtle differences in meanings and when to use particular words.
  • Vocab Videos Worksheet: Worksheets can be used to get students more involved in the vocabulary learning process, and to help them maximize vocabulary comprehension and retention.  They provide space for students to write their own sentences, synonyms and mnemonic devices and to build a clear understanding of the meaning of a word.
  • Vocab Videos Quizzes: Take a quiz after watching each Vocab Videos episode. Quizzes allow students to test their newfound vocabulary knowledge and to reinforce what they’ve seen in the videos.  SAT–style questions prepare them for what they’ll encounter on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, so it’s the ultimate review.

Learn vocabulary for standardized tests and English exams, and raise SAT scores 150 points with Vocab Videos!


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