SAT Vocabulary: College Admissions Essay Writing Tips (Part 3)

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”—Thomas Edison

So at this point, you’re well on your way to having an impeccable college essay that will blow college admissions officers away, but you also probably don’t want to look at your essay anymore, let alone read it—again. But here’s a little advice: DON’T RUSH THROUGH THE CRUCIAL FINAL STAGES!  Remember the difference between a good college essay and a great college essay is that extra time you put into the writing process, so give it 100% every step of the way.

  • College Essay Writing—PROOFREADING: There’s no room for spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors in your college essay, so lets get rid of them! Also consider making appropriate changes for improving writing style and consistency. This would be the stage in which it might pay off to have someone else take a look at your college essay. You’ve probably been working on your college essay for more than a week at this point, and the words may have started to jumble together. A new set of eyes could very well pick up on something that you’ve missed.  
  • College Essay WritingPOLISHING: You’ve finished proofreading and correcting all of the silly errors in your college essay. Now, it’s time for the finishing touches. Does everything read well and flow smoothly? It should! Could you have used different language to better express yourself in this sentence? If you effectively worked your way through each stage of the college essay writing process, polishing should simply be matter of crossing your “t”s and dotting your “i”s.

And, how could I forget the best part of the college essay writing process? It’s now time for the final stage: CELEBRATING. Congratulations you’ve written a perfectly polished college essay that’s ready for submission. Go celebrate. You’ve earned it.

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