SAT Vocabulary: College Admissions Essay Writing Tips (Part 2)


When applying to college SAT test preparation is important, but there is more to the college admissions process than standardized test preparation and SAT scores. English author, Samuel Johnson, once said, “What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.” And, in case you didn’t know—you want to please your college admissions officers!  Again, your college essay is so significant because it shares a part of your life story, allows college administrators to get to know you beyond your GPA and SAT test scores, and in a way personalizes your college application.

The core of the college essay writing process involves the drafting and editing stages. After you’ve brainstormed on a college essay topic that’s going to make you shine like the brightest college applicant star that you are, and outlined your college essay to establish its structure, you’re ready to begin writing.  And, while your college essay outline makes it easier to reach your total page count, don’t expect your freshly-written college essay to be immediately ready for submission. College essay writing, like any other form of writing, is a process. Drafting and editing, are two necessary steps that are going to help you submit your best work to colleges. Consider the advice below:

  • College Essay Writing—DRAFTING: Get your ideas down on paper in some rough form. Use your outline for structure and transform outline bullet points into complete sentences. Write as much as possible on your subject matter. This will make it easier to get rid of non-essential points and eliminate the process of scrounging for ideas just to meet the page count quota. A first draft will likely be messy and full of errors, and that’s okay.  The purpose of your draft essay is to get your main ideas and supporting points down on paper, not to compose a perfectly polished college essay.
  • College Essay Writing—EDITING: Your college essay rough draft is complete, congratulations! Now it is time to begin the editing process. “Perhaps this point would fit in better at this part of my essay,” or “Maybe this really doesn’t support my topic” might be a few of the considerations that come to mind while editing your college essay. Review every element of your essay with a critical eye. Do my ideas flow logically? Do I get across what I was aiming to convey? How are my spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation? Good editing skills and attention to detail will help you transform your rough draft into a polished college essay.

Again, the college admissions essay could be one of the most important essays you ever write. So, it is absolutely worth investing the necessary time and effort into each and every one of these writing stages.

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