SAT Study Guides: Article Reveals Numerous Errors in Popular SAT Books

If you can’t trust your SAT book when preparing for your college entrance exams what can you trust? Every year, students on the college admissions journey, face the increasingly difficult task of getting into college—preferably a good one and/or the one they wish to attend.  A large part of the typically stressful process, and what ultimately plays a significant role in getting students into their choice colleges, are SAT/ACT scores. No matter what test prep avenue students and parents choose, most include acquiring an SAT book of some kind for guidance and at-home practice and preparation. And so it is both astonishing and unacceptable to discover that many commonly used SAT guides, like Wiley’s “Mastering the SAT Math” and Barron’s “SAT Math Workbook,” contain mistakes—and not just few, but up to 36 errors! (For more details on these shocking figures check out Fox NY’s revealing article here

These revelations are unfair to all students using these SAT guide books. “As if preparing for the SAT’s wasn’t difficult already, now students have to navigate through the big mistakes made by major publishers,” the article states. Those students who are actually taking the initiative to try to improve their SAT scores on their own are being exposed to inaccurate information; in some cases, the right answer isn’t even listed as an option!

While we’re not trying to scare you, in a way this article reinforces an important point—when it comes to SAT preparation, ultimately, responsibility lies in a students’ hands. That’s not to say it in any way should be your responsibility to fact-check SAT books, but the time, effort, and dedication you put into your SAT preparation is up to you.  So while you unfortunately may not be able to trust every SAT book out there, you can trust that putting the time into taking practice tests and learning the strategies needed to master the SAT will help you earn your best SAT score.

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