Vocab Videos For Teachers: School & Classroom Packages

Welcome Educators!

Vocab Videos is a FUN & EFFECTIVE way to teach your students the essential vocabulary they need to know for college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT.  The online vocabulary system uses hilarious short videos to illustrate the meanings of over 500 frequently-tested SAT vocabulary words.  And, as teachers, you know that the importance of vocabulary goes far beyond test prep; a good vocabulary allows students to communicate effectively inside and outside the classroom. Words are the currency of communication. A good vocabulary will help students read, write, speak, and listen better.

The Vocab Videos online vocabulary platform can easily be incorporated into the classroom as a relevant add-on to your English classes and as a means of bringing test preparation to your students.  While students can purchase individual Vocab Videos subscriptions, classroom and school packages are also available to offer a truly optimal vocabulary experience to students and teachers. 

We’ve recently completed some major upgrades to the Vocab Videos platform, and now with the purchase of a school or classroom package, educators can monitor their students’ Vocab Videos activity and quiz results from their teacher dashboard! Students can register for free through the Vocab Videos landing page we set up for your school. The teacher account is then linked to registered students, so educators can view students’ Vocab Videos progress and check to see that they have completed assignments.  


ALL Vocab Videos school and classroom packages include:

*Individual user accounts to Vocab Videos online platform for teachers and students

*Teacher dashboard where educators can monitor students’ test results and progress

*Downloadable (PDF) quizzes and review material available for teachers to print

*Curriculum consulting on how to best incorporate Vocab Videos into the classroom

*Registration web page with institution name and logo

*Access to technical support


If you would like some more information or a pricing estimate for getting your students started with Vocab Videos, please contact the Vocab Videos team at [email protected] or call us directly at 646-216-9187 ext. 202!

And don’t forget to sign up for your FREE Vocab Videos trial by filling out the form on the Educators page! We look forward to hearing from you and we hope to get your students started improving their vocabulary with the start of the school year!