About A-List

Overview A-List Education (www.alisteducation.com) is an innovative provider of educational services for students, schools, and non-profit organizations. The company is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals and successfully prepare for undergraduate and graduate studies. A-List’s services include standardized test preparation, academic tutoring and college admissions advising. Through private tutoring, classroom instruction and online services, such as Vocab Videos (www.vocabvideos.com) and College Essay Organizer (www.collegeessayorganizer.com), A-List has helped thousands of students achieve success. A-List was founded in 2005 by a group of Ivy League graduates seeking to formalize their unique approach to education. The management team collectively boasts more than 50+ years of tutoring, teaching, and standardized test preparation experience. A-List’s leadership conducted a systematic analysis of virtually every SAT test administered to develop a proprietary textbook, The Book of Knowledge, a tutor training program, and additional educational materials.  A-List has since worked with thousands of students, employs over 30 staff and manages a growing portfolio of services and product offerings. A-List is committed to fusing proven educational methodologies with innovative technology and engaging platforms to help students learn more effectively and retain knowledge. A-List is also a resource for educational institutions, schools and teachers, providing them with customized curricula, training and licensing opportunities to enhance their own academic programs.

Services include:

Online Products

Vocab Videos is an entertaining and effective learning system that brings vocabulary to life. Leveraging humor, pop culture and engaging characters, Vocab Videos helps increase student understanding and retention of vocabulary words through verbal, auditory and visual cues. Vocab Videos teaches students more than 500 of the most common vocabulary words used in advanced high school English tests and college admissions tests such as the SAT and ACT. 

CEO is a suite of innovative online tools to streamline the college essay process for students across the country. CEO has one-of-a-kind programs—the Essay QuickFinder and Essay Roadmap—instantly providing students with all of the essay requirements for each college selected and the most efficient way to navigate those essays with an individualized plan tailored to each student.  In addition, the site provides essay editing services online. For more information about A-List please visit www.alisteducation.com.