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Students Must Learn More Vocabulary Words (Say Studies)!

FACT: Students need to learn more vocabulary words!

“Vocabulary is a deceptively simple literacy skill that researchers and educators agree is critical to students’ academic success, but which has proved frustratingly difficult to address,” said Sarah D. Sparks in her insightful Education Week article “Students Must Learn More Words, Say Studies.”

More studies are confirming what we already know–how important vocabulary is in and of itself  and in respect to literacy.  While its significance has remained consistent, unfortunately direct vocabulary instruction has become less of a priority inside the classroom. However, the consensus among researchers and educators alike has been that students must close such vocabulary gaps to succeed academically, take on Common Core State Standards, deal with rigorous scholastic content and, of course, succeed on college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT.

We encourage you to read Ms. Sparks’ entire article for an interesting read about the irrefutable significance of vocabulary. Educators, we know you have a lot on your plates, but try your best to incorporate vocabulary instruction into your lessons (think about giving Vocab Videos a try!). Students, make learning vocabulary on your own a priority with the knowledge that it will help you succeed in school and on tests that really count for your future.