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SAT Vocabulary Games: NEW Vocab Videos Crossword Puzzles!

We’ve recently added a fun form of vocabulary review to the Vocab Videos suite of study materials—SAT vocabulary crossword puzzles! Vocab Videos users can now watch our videos, take digital quizzes, and get some additional practice with these downloadable vocabulary crossword puzzles.

Students can print them out for a study tool on-the-go; teachers can distribute them to students in class after viewing or assigning the episodes. These vocabulary puzzles are just one more way to ensure that this essential SAT vocabulary is learned. And not to worry–if you get stuck on a puzzle, just go back and re-watch the episode to find the answers!

Remember:  knowing your SAT vocabulary can earn you 150+ points on the SAT Reading section, so be sure to take advantage of Vocab Videos and our vocabulary crossword puzzles for a fun way to learn crucial standardized test and high school vocabulary.