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SAT Vocabulary: Introducing New Digital Quizzes!


We’re making some major upgrades to the Vocab Videos site, the first of which we’re delighted to announce to all of our Vocab Videos subscribers and fans: THE ADDITION OF DIGITAL QUIZZES!

Now, immediately after watching a Vocab Videos episode, you’re able to take an interactive quiz to review all of the SAT vocabulary content you’ve just watched! At the end of each quiz, you’ll see a detailed overview of how you performed–the questions you answered correctly, those you answered incorrectly, and what SAT vocabulary words you need to study further.



Downloadable score reports are available for printing if students want to keep a record of their progress or if teachers want to keep track of their students’ quiz performance. If your quiz score shows that you didn’t fully grasp the episode’s vocabulary content, go back and watch the video again, and then re-take the quiz!