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SAT Vocabulary: Happy Holiday from Vocab Videos! Be sure to check out our FREE GIFT…


Happy Holidays! Enjoy your FREE Vocab Videos SAT vocabulary word list.

To Vocab Video fans and readers of our Vocab Videos blog: We wish you and yours a joyous holiday season and a happy & healthy new year!

‘Tis the season of giving, and Vocab Videos is getting into the spirit!

  • Don’t forget to download your FREE SAT vocabulary word list consisting of 500 of the most common SAT vocabulary words and their definitions!
  • Also, be sure to take advantage of Vocab Videos’ holiday discount, and get started learning your PSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE vocabulary the fun way!

Education, after all, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether we like it or not, standardized tests like the SAT are a big part of the college admissions process and, therefore, our progression toward a higher education.

And don’t forget: having a rich vocabulary will help you for, but also long after your college entrance exams.

So, enjoy your holiday, and enter the New Year ready to learn!


College Essay Assistance: The Answer is College Essay Organizer

Many of you have just recently heard back about early decision college applications, which means you’re either feeling major relief or some disappointment. If you didn’t have too many backup options lined up, it may be time for you to get some regular decision college applications in order somewhat last minute. These applications may include essays. “Essays”—always the dreaded word on college applications. Let’s face it- filling out your general information and your activities does not require too much thought, unlike your essay. College essays can be the most stressful, time-consuming aspect of the whole college admissions process, and organizing and writing all of your essays is certainly a process in itself.

If you have recently been denied admission to your first choice school, and find yourself in this kind of situation, there’s a service out there that is ready and willing to help, and trust us—it’s going to make your lives a lot easier. College Essay Optimizer (“CEO”)will reduce your workload to make certain that you meet all your application deadlines. Here’s what they have to offer:

  • College Essay QuickFinder: If you’ve ever tried finding anything on a college website, you know that it tends to be more difficult than it needs to be. College Essay Optimizer allows you to find ALL of your college essay requirements in one place! When you’re operating on a tight schedule, it’s even more essential that you’re organized, so let CEO save you some time and stress.
  • College Essay RoadMap: So now you have all your college essay requirements, but CEO is ready to offer more assistance and make your life easier. Write only the essays you need to write! CEO draws up a game plan, the Essay RoadMap, that helps you complete your essays effectively and efficiently. Can I use this one college essay to apply to multiple colleges? A lot of times the answer is “yes,” so be sure to get your college essay RoadMap before you create any extra work for yourself!

Let College Essay Organizer help you ensure that you make all of your college application deadlines! Click here to check it out!

And remember, if you didn’t get accepted into your early decision college, try to keep your head up. While not getting into your top choice college is undoubtedly disappointing, it’s not the end of your world! Things tend to happen for a reason, and chances are it’s going to work out for the best.

The Starting Place for College Essays


SAT Vocabulary: FREE SAT Vocabulary Word List with 500 Key SAT Words & Their Definitions


Get a FREE Vocab Videos SAT vocabulary word list! Featuring 500 key SAT vocabulary words!

When it comes to standardized test preparation, vocabulary is indispensable. To tackle the verbal sections of standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE , and ISEE students need to be equipped with a certain level of vocabulary. Vocab Videos knows its SAT vocabulary and we’re trying to help you learn it too! To do this we’re offering you a FREE DOWNLOADABLE VOCAB VIDEOS SAT VOCABULARY WORD LIST (link below) with 500 of the most common SAT vocabulary words! Here’s why you should check out our FREE SAT vocabulary word list:

  • It includes 500 of the most common SAT vocabulary words. About 1/3 of the SAT Reading section is made up of questions that are explicitly vocabulary-dependent—questions that are potentially worth 150 points in all. Even on questions that don’t specifically test vocabulary, students are often confused by difficult words, so being knowledgeable when it comes to SAT vocabulary is one of the best ways to increase SAT scores.
  • They’re high value SAT vocabulary words. Extensive research and analysis of countless SAT tests went into selecting these 500 frequently appearing SAT vocabulary words. It’s not just a list of our favorite words or the most difficult vocabulary we could find. Putting the time in to learn these words will really pay off when it’s time to take the SAT.
  • This SAT vocab will help you on other standardized tests & in high school English classes. A lot of this SAT vocabulary will also appear on other standardized tests where vocabulary is essential like the ACT, GRE, and ISEE. So, if you’re preparing for any one of these tests, it would benefit you to learn these SAT vocabulary words as well. Additionally, you’ll get the opportunity to impress your English teachers when your newly learned vocabulary shows up in assignments!
  • It’s useful as a general vocabulary improvement tool. Not taking a standardized test? Not a problem. Even if you’re not taking a test, learning this vocabulary can only help you. Words are the currency of communication. A good vocabulary will help you read, write, speak, and listen better.

Remember: THIS SAT VOCABULARY WORD LIST IS A SUPPLEMENT TO AND NOT A SUBSITUTE FOR THE COMPREHENSIVE VOCAB VIDEOS SYSTEM! When using the SAT vocabulary glossary along with Vocab Videos, teachers and students can use the word list to keep track of what words they’ve mastered, and students have the option to review definitions even when they don’t have access to a computer.

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Vocab Videos is way more than a text document with definitions—it brings these 500 frequently appearing SAT vocabulary words to life! The verbal, auditory, and visual cues in our videos is what makes the system worthwhile and more effective than other traditional methods of studying vocabulary. And the entertaining characters and parodies of popular TV shows like Lost, The Office, 24, and Gossip Girl that are featured in the videos make the content fun and relevant.

It’s no secret that a good vocabulary is a crucial component of English study. Vocabulary is an essential part of all reading comprehension because reading comprehension depends upon the meaning readers give to words. A rich vocabulary can open you up to a broader range of reading materials and enhance your ability to read, write, and interpret information. So, take advantage of this offer! Use this free SAT vocabulary word list to begin learning 500 key SAT vocab words that will help you become a better student and standardized test-taker. And, for the total SAT vocabulary learning package, be sure to give the Vocab Videos system a try, which includes many more tips and tools for learning and remembering your SAT vocabulary!


Click to Download & Print: Vocab Videos FREE SAT Vocabulary Word List


GRE Vocabulary: Mastering the Verbal Section

We know that vocabulary is important on standardized tests like the SAT, and for reading, writing, and speaking well, but it’s also extremely valuable when it comes to other standardized tests such as the GRE. The GRE verbal section requires a great deal of vocabulary knowledge for its four sections. Consider the importance of GRE vocabulary by section below:

  • Sentence Completions: Sentence completion questions assess how well you can determine the logic of a sentence. You are given a sentence with one or two words missing, and you need to select the answer choice with the best words to fill in the blank(s). Vocabulary is the only real outside knowledge that will benefit you on this portion of the test. Any vocabulary intelligence you bring into this section will be beneficial as GRE vocabulary words often populate answer choices and the sentences themselves.
  • Analogies: Knowing GRE vocabulary is also crucial when it comes to the analogies section. Analogies test both your vocabulary and your understanding of word relationships. A simple example would be: CAT : MEOW. You’ll be provided with 5 answer choices consisting of word pairs, and you’ll need to pick the answer choice with a word pair that is related in the same manner as the word pair featured in the question (so the answer to the example could be: COW : MOO). If you don’t know what one or both of the words mean, understanding the nature of the words’ relationship will be difficult.
  • Antonyms:  The Antonyms portion of the GRE verbal section provides you with one word followed by 5 answer choices consisting of words or short phrases. You need to select the answer choice that is the antonym of what’s provided in the question, or the word/phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning. Knowing what the words mean will naturally help you to know if the words are opposite, similar or not related at all.
  • Reading Comprehension: Reading comprehension is important for most standardized tests including the GRE. GRE reading comprehension generally involves subject matter from three main categories: social science, natural science, and the humanities. It’s meant to test your ability to comprehend the passages’ content and make conclusions about it. While vocabulary knowledge may not seem as essential in this section of the test as the rest, it’s still extremely valuable. It’s always easy to be confused by difficult words; a thorough understanding of a word’s meaning is an essential part of all reading comprehension.

For a fun, laid-back way to learn essential GRE vocabulary, give Vocab Videos a shot.

Learn Me!

Vocab Videos beats the dictionary any day!


SAT Preparation: A New Style SAT Program with SAT Teacher Training

High school students preparing for the SAT, or for that matter going through the whole college admissions process, may need a lesson in time management. Between SAT preparation, school assignments and studying, and all the extracurricular activities in which they find themselves involved, students today have a lot on their plates. Yet each obligation, in its own way, plays an important role in college admittance:

  • High GPA
  • High SAT scores
  • Involvement in Extracurriculars, Athletics, Community Service to fill up an college activity resume
A Lot on My Plate

Applying to college? You've got a lot on your plate...

SAT preparation and “regular school” are often separate endeavors. SAT prep tends to be a different type of “homework.” Students may get home from school right before their SAT tutor comes over, or perhaps they’re spending a portion of their weekend at an SAT class or studying from their own test prep manual. Whatever the case, SAT preparation isn’t usually integrated into the typical school day, but doing so could very well serve to benefit students and teachers.

New York based educational services company, A-List Education (, is trying to bring schools and SAT prep together with a new kind of SAT program. The sat teacher training program involves providing the schools with the resources necessary to manage their own, in-house SAT preparation courses that can be offered at no cost to their students.  Expert SAT tutors equip school English and math teachers with the content and strategies needed to master the SAT. Teachers receive A-List’s extensive suite of SAT materials including the online vocabulary system, Vocab Videos (, and companion teacher aids that not only provide explanations of answers but also the reasoning behind common mistakes students make and how to correct them. A-List consults school administrators to develop a customized curriculum and course structure, and stays involved throughout the program providing detailed score reports to assess each student’s progress, indicate to teachers where a student is struggling, and suggest techniques to help improve scores.

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Here are a few reasons why an SAT course is important and why running it in a school could be the way to go:

  • A bad SAT score can tarnish an otherwise impressive academic record.
  • When it comes to the SAT, it’s less about what you know (the content learned in school) than how you apply it (through various SAT strategies).
  • The program allows teachers, who have first-hand knowledge of students’ proficiencies, to build on their relationships with students and provide them with an SAT program that is fundamentally tailored to their needs.
  • By the time most students take the SAT, their math classes are teaching concepts far beyond what they will need on the test. English classes in school tend to focus on literature, specific books and literary history, while the SAT tests general reading comprehension without any specific literary knowledge.
  • Establishing separate classes specifically geared toward SAT preparation can ensure that students gain and refine the skills they need without sacrificing time from other classes.
  • Subsidizing the cost will shift the burden of cost away from the students, who may not be able to afford the best courses.
  • Holding courses during the school day will make it easier for students to attend without sacrificing time for schoolwork, sports, or the arts.
  • The school’s imprimatur upon the classes will make students take the work more seriously than they would independent classes, which are often viewed as extracurricular and therefore optional.
  • Training faculty in new subject matter will create a new level of valuable expertise in staff that can grow stronger and more refined over the years

An in-school SAT program of this kind gives high schools the capability to develop sustainable, high-quality programming that they can continually offer to students.


A New Breed of SAT Program: Business Wire Features Vocab Videos!

A-List Education Incorporates Teacher Training into New Breed of SAT Program at Two New Jersey High Schools

A-List Collaborates with Paramus High School and North Bergen High School on Unique SAT Programs Offered at No Cost to Students

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A-List Education (A-List), leading experts in standardized test preparation, announced today the launch of SAT consulting and teacher training initiatives at Paramus High School (Paramus) and North Bergen High School (North Bergen) of New Jersey. The training programs equip the schools with the resources necessary to manage their own, in-house SAT preparation courses that can be offered free of charge to their students. This arrangement allows Paramus and North Bergen teachers, who have first-hand knowledge of students’ proficiencies, to build on their relationships with students and provide them with an SAT program that is fundamentally tailored to their needs.

In the past, A-List has run successful SAT courses using its own instructors at tri-state area high schools including Dumont High School in New Jersey. Here, A-List developed a strong, working relationship with the Dumont School District’s then superintendent, Dr. James Montesano. Looking to build on the success of the Dumont program, where many students’ SAT scores increased in excess of 150 points, Dr. Montesano welcomed A-List into Paramus, where he is currently superintendent of schools. This time Dr. Montesano asked A-List to work directly with teachers to create a customized SAT program implementing A-List’s materials and methodologies, enabling teachers to utilize them with each new junior class.

“Most students can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on test preparation,” Scott Farber, president and co-founder of A-List said. “Schools can play a vital role and by training their teachers can offer outstanding SAT instruction at no cost to their students. It’s our hope to bring this program to high schools across the nation and to level the playing field.”

The program begins with senior A-List instructors conducting extensive seminars for the schools’ English and math teachers, equipping them with the content and strategies necessary for students to master the SAT. Teachers receive The A-List Book of Knowledge and companion teaching aids that offer explanations of answers and give detailed pedagogical reasoning about what types of mistakes students make and how to correct them. Students use A-List’s Vocab Videos, an innovative online vocabulary system, to learn more than 500 of the most frequently tested SAT words. Throughout the program, A-List provides the schools with detailed score reports that assess each student’s progress, indicate to teachers where a student is struggling, and suggest techniques to help improve scores. In addition, A-List consults with Paramus and North Bergen administrators to develop a customized curriculum and course structure, ensuring the program fits seamlessly into the school day.

“I’ve seen firsthand what A-List can do,” said Dr. Montesano, superintendent of schools, Paramus, NJ. “A-List’s SAT teacher training program allows the district to leverage its own assets and to institutionalize A-List’s proven approach to test prep. Their comprehensive materials and Vocab Videos are extraordinarily effective resources. Students, teachers, and the Paramus School District will all benefit from this program.”

Both Paramus and North Bergen high schools now have the capabilities to develop sustainable, high-quality programming that they can offer at no cost to their students through the A-List approach to in-school SAT programs.

About A-List Education

A-List Education ( is an innovative provider of educational services for students, schools, and non-profit organizations. The company is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals and successfully prepare for undergraduate and graduate studies. A-List’s services include standardized test preparation, academic tutoring and college admissions advising. Through private tutoring, classroom based programs and online services, such as Vocab Videos ( and College Essay Organizer (; A-List has helped thousands of students through its unique and highly effective programs and services. Using customized curricula and proprietary materials, A-List prepares students for standardized tests such as the SAT, ISEE, ACT and GRE. A-List is also committed to helping underprivileged youth and works with several nationally recognized original non-profit organizations, including Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Harlem Children’s Zone and Year Up.

About Vocab Videos

Vocab Videos ( is an entertaining and effective learning system that brings vocabulary to life. Leveraging humor, pop culture and engaging characters, Vocab Videos helps increase student understanding and retention of vocabulary words through verbal, auditory and visual cues. Vocab Videos employs proven educational methodologies to help students learn more than 500 frequently tested words found in high school level English classes and on college admissions tests like the SAT and ACT.

For more information about Paramus High School, please visit

For more information about North Bergen High School, please visit


SAT Preparation: Staying Focused during the Holidays

It’s easy to get distracted during the holiday season, but doing what you can to stay focused will make your return to the realities of school and SAT preparation that much easier. Enjoy your time off, but make the most of it. Here are a few suggestions for staying on top of your SAT prep game during the upcoming winter break:

  • Get Your Rest: This may not have been what you thought our first recommendation would be, but catching up on some probably much-needed rest is essential to a healthy body and brain! Get some of the sleep that you missed out on when you were up late studying for that last test or writing that final paper your teachers tried to squeeze in before break.  Once well-rested, you’ll be re-focused, revitalized, and ready to set your mind to the task at hand.
  • Do Manageable Tasks: We know Christmas break likely isn’t the time you’ll want to spend hours reviewing your SAT manual or writing college essays, but there are ways to use your time wisely without overdoing it. Read the newspaper to learn new words and grasp the general idea behind stories. Watch Vocab Videos to learn crucial SAT vocabulary. Take 25 minutes to do a practice SAT math section. They’re simple, painless tasks you can do to stay on top of your SAT game.   
  • Finishing Touches on College Applications: With most college application deadlines right around the corner, you’re probably looking forward to getting applications off to colleges and out of your hands. But make sure that you’re sending off your best quality work. Don’t skip out on the finishing touches. Make any necessary adjustments to polish up your college essay, go over your activities resume to make sure you’ve mentioned all of your community involvement, and review applications one last time to make sure you’ve included everything.

Please ENJOY YOUR BREAK, but stay motivated with relatively simple (but important!) tasks to keep on top of the college admissions process.